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DNA from Onion

This research is meant to find out the best way of getting DNA from an onion cell. Precipitation method of DNA extraction is employed in this research. The procedure of extract ting DNA from is laid down well and followed step by step. The necessary requirements for the experiments are: fresh onions, chopper, cylinders, filter paper, a solution and ethanol. Firstly, the onion is chopped and it blended to get a mixture. A detergent or a salt solution is then added, mixed and left for 60 minutes after which it is poured into a beaker through the filter paper.

To the mixture, a tenderizer is then added and a blend is made. The filtrate that forms in a beaker is then mixed with ethanol so as to result into a layer. The mixture is left for sometime s so that it gets to settle down to allow DNA to form a layer atop the ethanol. At this point DNA can be seen as floating threads.

This method of DNA extraction is referred to as precipitation because the DNA is obtained as a precipitate. This method can be a very good example to be employed in demonstrating the complexity of the structure and the usability of certain molecules used in the bonding process. There are particular things that are observed during the experiment. Firstly is the use of a broken down cell. This is to free the cell nucleus that is vital in the process of DNA extraction. While exposed, it is important to ensure that the nucleus is not out in the open to the agents in the atmosphere which may mortify its effectiveness.

Freeze-Thaw as a method of extracting DNA from an onion cell gives the best results out of all the other methods. Needed is a dry ice and sufficient ethanol in hot water to form slurry. The sample is then centrifuged, and the tube is then placed in a dry ice for 3 minutes and then transferred to a hot water bath for another 3 minutes. This process is referred to as Freeze-Thaw and the cycle is repeated for there times. Micropipette is then used in transfer of supernatants into a new clean microcentrifuge.

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