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Researching Organizational Values and Beliefs


Corporate culture in its simplest definition means how an organization conducts its day-to-day activities and business in terms of its behaviors, values and beliefs. (Cunningham, 2001). Cultural values implementation is through articulation and publication of a firms values by top executives. Strong cultures enable a firm attain greater results. Mostly, these values shift the focus of an organization to a new direction. The direction is usually towards the achievement of the organizations goals and objectives.

Reliability and dependability, most of the organization put a lot of emphasis on the reliability and dependability of its employees. Reliability arises when an employee becomes aware of the fact that he or she has to finish a given obligation on time or upon request. On the other hand, dependability occurs where an employee earns the organizations trust in accomplishing any assigned duty. The employees of an organization demonstrate this value by showing up for work on a reliable basis. Observing work hours established and appointments scheduled.  On the contrary, these values change due to absence without authorized leave and tardiness.

Careful attention to work, this is usually portrayed where employees exercise due care in the fulfillment of their job demands.  This is paramount in the reduction of inconveniencies that might arise due to carelessness, inattention to work and missed deadlines. This value is demonstrated by exercising reasonable diligence and due caution in duty performance.  Staying focused in activities related to business during hours of work. Completion of assignments in a manner that is timely. In contrast, aspects such as low work output, sleeping on the job and poor quality work have greatly changed this value. Sleeping on the job arises where an employee decides to do less of the expected job and still claim the full pay at the end of the month.

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