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Animal Testing

Thesis statement

Animal testing is a scientific process of using non-human animals in carrying out scientific experiments. This is very common in the present world of science and technology. A very good example is the use of animals like monkeys and baboons in scientific inquiry of the cure drugs for the world famous disease HIV Aids. This essay on animal testing is original.  It has never been presented in any college, university or any other institution of higher learning.

Scientifically, on-human vertebrates and invertebrate animals are being used to derive the medicine for various complicated diseases, (Lafollette and Shanks 196). Diseases such as HIV and Aids have being a menace to mankind that it has claimed numerous lives. Doctors in Oxford University in USA are said to be among the many others in the world who using animals such as monkeys to find curative drugs for this disease.

Some few ago, doctors from this University managed to come up with apportion of the solution of this problem when they discovered some drugs capable of reducing the effect of Aids in a person. This drug they called it anti-retroviral (ARV). The decision was arrived after several trial experiments in animal testing research were done in monkey and found effective in reducing such effects. Recently, it’s again said that these doctors have again managed to come up with the vaccine for this disease, (Herman Friedman, 3).  They came up with this conclusion after testing the vaccine on the monkeys. But this vaccine has not been released to the public for use. It’s only ARV’s that are widely used and accepted to reduce the effect of Aids and at the sometimes prolong the lifespan of the victims.

 The above are great achievements done by such scientists. Almost every one in the world is proud of this because Aids is a really a menace to many people. Coming up with drugs to reduce its effect and now working on the final stages of releasing a vaccine is a formidable achievement. But still more needs to be done for them to come up with a real cure drug for Hiv Aids. They are needed to discover the combination of various reagents and test it on non-human animals like monkeys such as we have seen before. Several tests on these animals can enable them to come up with an effective drug to treat this disease in human beings.

Animal testing is very effective in biomedical researches in which various drugs for human use are discovered, (Emborgo, 58). It’s easy to genetically modify animals and study the disease such as Aids. For instance particular genes may be inserted into the animals’ body in order to study the effect or the reactions of such genes to the body. Similarly, a particular type of organism causing a disease like Aids may be introduced into the body of these animals and then study their effects on the animal. When the effects are unveiled, certain drugs are again introduced into the same animal body and their effects or reactions on the organisms already in these animal’s body are studied. One can try as many experiment as possible using different animals, different drugs and different organisms. In this way, it’s becomes possible for the scientists to discover various drugs for treatment to various diseases.

Animal testing has helped so much in finding various drugs for treatment to various diseases. It has helped the researchers to find the way in which a certain disease develops. It as also enabled them to develop drugs for treatment through discovering the drug and retesting the drug on non-human animals before use in the human body, (Allen, 13). Through this the scientists are able to design the correct quantity, procedure and medical description for use of the drug. Through retesting the new treatment in the non-human body, the doctors are made able to study the body reactions towards the drugs and develop the collect antidote. In short every measure is taken into consideration before the new treatment is officially released to the hospitals for human use. It’s very clear that animal testing can still help in finding long lasting cures to such deadly diseases like Hiv Aids.

HIV and Aids is sexually transmitted diseases. Once a person is infected, complications are not experienced immediately but it takes time for one to discover that he is infected. It does not kill but what it does is to kill and weaken the body immunity systems. This subjects the human body to the harms of any disease such as pneumonia. Since the body’s immunity system is weak, any slight invention into the body may cause dire consequences of death to an individual. The infected body grows weak and unhealthy,

There is still a strong need for additional research using animals. It’s an effective means of discovering the treatments to diseases without first involving the human body. The effects of the drug are tested and retested on the non-human body before being used in the human body. This enables the doctors to curtail further consequences on the human body incase the drugs are harmful to the body. Proper medical descriptions are also designed through researches on animals so that the doctors can know the collect quantity of a drug to use in treatment of a certain disease. Thus animal testing is an effective medical research for finding drugs for human use.

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