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Airplane Accidents - Who is at Fault


This research paper will cover on the airplane accident and will concentrate on reported airplane accidents. It will look at different cases and analyze the possible causes of those accidents to find out the one to blame for the accident. This study is particularly essential because this issue affects the life of people, as well. Institutions and individual researchers have carried out research on this topic. The scholars have more or less agreed about my topic, and my paper argues for a better interpretation.


This research will rely on the comparative case studies because of availability of information from different sources. Several researches conducted on the same topic making it easy to obtain information that may specifically address this area of interest.  However, the availability of information from past researches does not render this research meaningless because the past researches had lead to divergent views making this area open for further investigation. Therefore, this research paper seeks to clarify the research problem.


Most people perceive air travel a prestigious transport system. They choose this mode of travel due to a high degree of safety guaranteed by this travel mode. The high degree of safety enforced by the travel regulation that all air travel companies are required to observe. Air accidents rarely occur, but they are disastrous if they happen. Air accidents are usually dangerous, and the victims in most cases suffer serious physical damages, death at extreme cases. Sometimes the air accidents victims are never found due to explosion during the accident. This is because of travel speed and height that airplanes use.   Therefore, passengers should be careful in boarding airplanes because of the risk involved, and they should pay attention to history of the airplane company before boarding to guarantee their safety.  Airplane accidents results due to different reasons ranging from negligent of employees, act of nature and other reasons such as criminal acts.

Research findings

The presence of ice causes airplane accidents according to investigation, on the possible cause of the accident of the North Slope King Air, which crashed on its way to Atquasuk.  An aviation investigator asserted that presence of ice is a reason for the airplane accident. In this accident, the pilot also reported on ice conditions in the plane, which makes ice conditions to be the principal cause for the airplane accident.  Ice conditions affect the airplane by interfering with the smooth flow of air over the wings. This reduces the airplane efficiency in terms of movement, which can result to airplane crush (DeMarban, 2011).

Airplane accidents can also result from the human factors. Human factors are related cause of airplane accidents. For example, airplane accidents can result from the failure of giving proper instruction to the pilot during the flight by those in the control room. This leads to lack of ability of the pilot to direct the plane in the required direction leading to airplane crush. Human factors also contribute to airplane accidents during plane designing. There is a high possibility of plane accidents if the plane design does not meet the required standards (Krause, 2003).

Mechanical failure plays a crucial role in plane accidents. Many airplane accidents reported resulting from the failure of plane engine. This can result due to poor servicing and maintenance of engines. Mechanical failure caused by other factors such as weather, which influences the engines negatively leading to reduction of engine efficiency. Therefore, aeronautic engineers become part of the blame for the airplane accidents for failure to identify the mechanical problem in time. They should be at the forefront in ensuring that the mechanical parts of planes are working properly, and should be in a position, to point out any mechanical problem that they think the result in the course of the flight (Krause, 2003).

Sometimes airplane accidents occur due to runway incursions. This results from communication failure between the pilot and the controller. This is experienced at times when there is a large volume of work, which results to collusion of planes in the runways. Lack of airport knowledge is another factor that contributes to runway incursions. This is because it takes time for the pilot to comprehend the instruction given by the airport controller (Krause, 2003).

Mid-air collisions are another form of the airplane accidents. This is attributed by several factors that include weather condition leading to poor visibility during the flight. However, some of these accidents may results purely due to negligent of the people concerned. For example, pilot who fails to follow the instruction of postponing the flight due to poor air visibility resulting from fogs (Oster, Strong, & Zorn, 2001). This may lead to an accident, which could be avoided if the warning was taken seriously.  On the other hand, expertise in weather forecast failure to acknowledge the presence of conducive weather pattern can lead to serious airplane accidents (Krause, 2003).

Some people argue that airplane accidents happen as a confirmation that God is inexistent.  They do not see the reason why God should let such things happen; thus, the reason they are happening is that God is not their (Haemingwayjds, 2010).

Some of recent airplane accident includes the passenger jet in Surgut operated by Russia Kogalmavia that caught fire and exploded as it taxied for take off. In this accident, three passengers died and forty-three injured during the evacuation.  Another airplane accident was in Orumiyeh operated by Iran Air. The tragedy happened after the airplane was trying to land but had a problem of landing due to poor weather pattern (Oster, Strong, & Zorn, 2001). The plane tried to secure another landing place, but it crashed five miles away killing seventy-seven people. These are accidents that happened in the year 2011 but the list is not exhausted (Kebabjian, 2011).


Airplane accident seriously affects the passengers, immediate relatives and society. This is because airplane accidents in most cases results to fatal cases. Losing people through airplane accident affects negatively the economy due to loss of labor and in some extent loss of the dependent people in the family. Therefore, putting urgent measures to address this issue is vital. Considering the main causes of these accidents, the following recommendations address this problem.

Firstly, research findings show that poor weather contributes to accidents. Therefore, implementation of strictly measures to address this issue is crucial. The authorities concerned should formulate laws and strict punishment for those who violate these rules. For example, strict punishment should be for Airplane Company that goes against the direction of not flying due to poor weather condition. This should be strengthened by ensuring that the Airplane authority put in place qualified personnel who can deal with weather forecasting process.

Secondly, the authority should ensure that there is minimal accident occurring due to human factor. They should train their personnel in the area of specialization. This will improve their efficiency in their operation. For example, the people deployed in giving the instruction should be well trained, and given enough time to relax to improve their accuracy in instruction giving. Airline companies through employment of qualified aeronautic engineers should control other accidents resulting from engineering problem.

Thirdly, avoiding accidents resulting from runway incursions by ensuring that there is efficient communication procedure in the airport is pertinent. Qualified staff should be employed in the control department. In addition, strictly rules should put in place, to manage the landing and takeoff at the airport. This will reduce the chances of unexpected landing or take off unknown planes.

Finally, measures to address Mid-air collisions inform of stiff penalties of those who fly without authority. This will reduce possibilities of Midair collisions because only airplane authorized will utilize the air course assigned. Furthermore, the authority should anticipate the possibility of emergence landing in case of mechanical failure of airplane. This should trigger the authority to set aside emergence landing places to guarantee safety of the passengers on-board. Therefore, with proper control of air traffic there will be minimal chances of collisions.  


Many factors contribute to airplane accident. In many cases, the accident blame does not rest on one party only. This is because many parties may be involved in the accident blames. However, a unique relationship might exist where one party acts automatically leads to the commitment of faulty in the other party. For example, plane crash may result due to failure of the engine. On the other hand, the pilot may also contribute by neglecting the possible warning of engine failure, which could have resolved has he notified earlier. In addition, plane crash sometimes happens because of the things beyond human control such as unexpected fogs in the air.

Therefore, it is essential concerned parties ranging from pilot, passengers on board, engineers, cubing crews among others to take diligent care in making sure no one is at risk. The recommendations made aid in ensuring elimination of the faults that result to airplane accidents. Among the recommendations, include ensuring planes take off in good weather, prevention of mid-air collisions through effective use of equipment, and finally, enforcing heavy fines on way-ward pilots who cause accidents through avoidable faults.

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