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Stress is the extreme strain brought about by an individual’s response to challenges emanating from day to day activities. It can either be in terms of emotions or physical. When an individual responds, it is shown in terms of being angry, looking tensed and concentration level goes down (Fontana p 10). Physically, an individual can lodge complains of stomachaches and quick heartbeats among others. Stress is something we cannot avoid and if not well managed it can put somebody’s health at stake. All said and done it is worthy noting that some people have been through stress until it does not seem a problem to them any longer. Experts deduce that, if it comes in little quantities it can help improve on the individual’s productivity. On the other hand, if it becomes a daily thing, it places one on a risky end. If an individual realizes that he is nervous, it advisable to try and bring the situation back to normal (Fontana p 13).

While experiencing stress, it is regarded as away of protecting the body. When the body is working in a proper way, one is in a position that he or she cannot loose focus and putting the eyes on the price. In case of an emergency occurring, stress can aid in saving your breath and provide energy to protect the body. When stressed it acts as an eye opener for one to rise to the occasion and face things head on. While working, it helps one not to loose track and the level of sharpness maximizes (Fontana p 13).

The body is designed in a way that it cannot differentiate between the diverse threats it is exposed to. When an individual is stressed because of working on a tight schedule, another because of losing a loved one, the body treats all these in the same way. When one is stressed over a long period of time, the system of your body is corrupted (Fontana p 18). Some of the risk ranges from high blood pressure, weakening the immune system, threat of having a heart attack alongside being hit by stroke. In some situations, stress has led to people being led impotent and barren besides getting old quickly. If the situation is worse, one can end up losing the brain completely to an extent of getting depression.

Experts advise that, one should gauge himself or herself to know the limit of stress. This is because the level of stress squarely depends with the person. Some individuals can put up with high amount of stress, yet others will blow on the slightest thing. In some situations, some people have relied on some events of pleasure to deal with stress (Elkins & Tenney, p 22). The ability of an individual to deal with stress is determined by a number of issues. These ranges from how one is better placed in a relationship with people close to him or her, how one appears generally, intelligence levels and genes. Experts observe that, if one is experiencing lonely moments besides being neglected by the family members, one is likely to get stressed up.

On the other hand, if an individual posses a high sense of controlling stress, one is likely to take stress for a ride. Similarly, if one is weak, chances are that things are likely to get out of control. People who have a high sense of controlling stress always have a hopeful ending. They tend to smile on challenges as they come and create fun out of it. These categories of people have confidence in them and are always looking for reasons to be living (Elkins & Tenney, p 24).

People who are likely to fall victims of stress are those that who cannot calm their emotions anytime they fell sad or afraid of something. When one puts emotions on checks and balances, the end result is that, the body goes back to its normal situation. Another disposition goes that, if an individual is aware of a situation that is likely to cause stress, it will be very easy to contain the situation (Elkins & Tenney, p 24). For instance, if one is undergoing a treatment in an operation room, and knows very well what encompasses the whole process, one will be more comfortable compared to when one has no idea of what awaits him or her.

Some of the well known causes of stress include death of a fiancée, being put behind bars, and death of a family member, being sacked, retirement, marriage institution and sickness. All in all, anything that that makes one feel stressed including positive situations like being promoted is in this category (Elkins & Tenney, p 28).

Some of the signs and symptoms that indicate one is stressed include being moody, having problems with ones memory, making bad judgments, being agitated, looking at things in a negative way, failing to concentrate and being irritated (Elkins & Tenney, p 30). Symptoms in terms of behavior are eating either very little or nothing at all, spending too much times in bed, neglecting oneself from others, taking alcohol and feelings of being nervous. Physically, an individual can experience pains in different parts of the body, feeling cold, no sexy feelings, dizziness among others.

In order to prevent stress, some of the recommended ways by experts include, having a good relationship. This involves soliciting for support from friends and family members. Having time with people close to ones heart and if not in good terms make an effort of amending the broken fences (Elkins & Tenney, p 33).

Another way of preventing stress is by relaxing. Such activities involve taking deep breath, listening to some soft music among others. If these are done on a regular basis, stress will definitely reduce (Elkins & Tenney, p 34).

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