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Is Hypnosis Real

Hypnosis helps one to achieve a focused and controlled state of self awareness which in turn allows one to come up with clear fundamental changes in the way we think, behave and feel. Therefore, hypnosis involves an engaged plan in changing subconscious habits and this execution helps one to achieve set goals (Hyde, 2006). Hypnosis is a normal fluid state of awareness that human beings experience often.  Magic or determination is not required for one to enter in this state but human beings get in and out of this state while engaging in daily activities like working, studying, driving, watching and eating.

Hypnosis is real

Hypnosis is real though not everybody that can be hypnotized. This is because some people are more prone to it than others. The degree to which a person can get hypnotized depends on his ability to experience hypnosis but not on the power of hypnotist or any technique. When one is experiencing hypnosis, one cannot control it but can remember what happened correctly.

During a state of hypnosis the body relaxes such that one could be mistaken to be asleep. However at this stage, one is very much aware and focused on what is going on. The conscious mind of a person relaxes while the subconscious becomes inaccessible. This creates an expanded possibility for change (Hyde, 2006).


Hypnosis is a misrepresented condition of the mind in which one is oblivious of the surroundings (Hyde, 2006). Almost every person is likely to be affected by it. However, it has been discovered that intelligent persons are easily hypnotized. Hypnosis can be used in hospitals to manage pain for instance, when caesarean sections are carried out without using non-reactionary drugs. The doctors simply hypnotize the woman by injecting her with hypnotic drugs. It can also be used to help one to discontinue bad habits like smoking, to help change self image discernment and to resolve stress conditions.

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