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The word emotion encompasses a large repertoire of bodily changes and language, perceptions and views, or expression of feelings. It can be defined as a complex psycho-physiological experience of a person's state of mind as relating with internal and environmental influences. In man, it generally involves expression of conscious experiences, physiological arousal (both negatively and positively), and expressive behavioral conduct. Emotion is closely associated and many a times, fueled with motivation, personality statues, mood, dispositions, and temperament. Encouragements, motivations, and praises direct, control and invigorate human behavior, while emotions avail the affective ingredients to a negative or positive motivation.

After having perused the link given, I find Neurobiological theories of perception, plausible and interesting, because, it tries to explain human emotions as being an attribute of the limbic system of the mammalian brain. It explains that the discoveries made through neural mapping of the neurobiological and limbic system, gives explanation that the human emotion is a un- pleasant or pleasant mental state, organized in the brain.

Motions generally vary as the factors influencing them. Individuals, depending on the state of mind, can relay different emotions differently. An emotion such as embarrassment differ shame in the contest that it is an emotional expression, expressed upon when experiencing a professional or social unacceptable behavior, witnessed by others, while shame is a painful emotion caused by consciousness of, shortcoming or guilt. Envy is an emotion that depicts a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another person's achievements, possession, superior quality, or advantages, while jealousy is a secondary emotion and referring to the negative thoughts of anxiety, insecurity, and fear over a looming loss of something valuable, particularly in respect to a human connection.

There cannot be knowledge without emotion. These two interconnect in the scene having the Knowing something naturally opens someone's emotions towards it. When two people connect emotionally, they are actually in a relation, where both understand and relate perfectly well with the others emotions.

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