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Building a Career

Career refers to an occupation undertaken for a substantial duration of an individual’s life and with opportunities for progress. It is a chosen quest; a vocation or occupation. Identifying ones career path can be quite hard and often people get diffused within different career paths, and keep on changing from this career to the other in pursuit of fulfillment and happiness. In order to determine activities that are best suited for one’s career a person ought to consider a range of activities.

There are certain things people love doing during their free time, these activities often lead one to a direction of their career. No one wants to be tied to a career that they do not enjoy (Sael, 13). Therefore it is important to discover what one loves doing. As one gets involved in the activities some special skills manifest themselves. Some activities and things also energize us and give us a strong motivation. When we discover these activities we can easily relate them with our career aspirations.

Each and every one of us has a subject and field we are interested in. There are those classes that we love and we always look forward to. These fields really tell us what we ought to engage ourselves in, additionally our dreams and wishes of the career we want to join leads us to engage in specific activities that fulfill the aspirations.  

Families and friends are also important in directing your career path (Swanson, 109) Often our friends know what areas we have special skills and what activities that we do with great passion and competence. Socialization instills values and beliefs that are very important in determining our careers. Our beliefs and values shape who we are and what we are capable of. We attach different values and intensity to certain activities than others (Randall et.). The activities we usually attach more value may become what we may want to engage in.  For instance someone who believes and attaches value on solidarity and teamwork can provide effective leadership. Different types of work environments and settings interest different individuals differently and will often guide one into the work setting that is beneficial to them.

We need to evaluate these factors critically and seek professional help in choosing our careers, so that one does not waste time moving from one career to another in search of contentment.

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