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Jonathan Swift

In the history of the British literature, Jonathan Swift is one of the most critical satirists in. Jonathan Swift Born in the year 1667 in Dublin, Ireland only seven months after the death of his father. He really faced a hard life. He was under care of his uncle for the whole of his childhood, and attended Kilkenny School when he got the best education in Ireland at the moment. In 1682, Jonathan Swift joined Trinity College where he got a Bachelor of Arts degree and due to political unrest in the country he relocated to England many years later. In England, he rejoined with his mother and was an employee of the William temple for the following ten years. In 1692 Jonathan Swift got a Masters of Arts degree from Oxford University and returned back to Ireland where he was ordained as a priest in1694.
Battle of the Books ( 1704 ), his most well-known works comprises of  A Tale of a Tub ( 1704 ), The Abolishing of Christianity ( 1708 ), Meditation upon a Broomstick ( 1710 ),Journal to Stella ( 1710-13 ), "Cadenus and Vanessa " ( 1713 ), Proposal for Correcting... the English Tongue ( 1712 ),  Gulliver's Travels ( 1726 ),A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burthen ( 1729 ), The Drapier's Letters ( 1724 ),"The Day Of Judgment " ( 1731 ), and the "Verses on the Death of Dr Swift " ( 1731 ).
All the works of Swift's criticize the mankind faults, inspiring virtue and above all, common sense. His works query the advancement of civilization and whether the behavior and principles of society are really advancements or just multifaceted barbarianism. He confronts his readers to instead of accepting things at face value, to think for themselves. He employs literary devices in criticizing-satire- where the author exposes absurdity or folly in the behavior of society or authority.
Swift uses numerous forms of satire. In "A Modest Proposal," he takes an awful idea to its most absurd and extreme conclusion when he makes a suggestion of very ridiculous impracticable ways of bringing the poor in Ireland to an end. "As a satire, the main purpose of Gulliver's Travels is to show certain shortcomings in 18th century English society..." (Jaffe 2000).  He also reiterated the technique of flattering actions that in actuality merit being condemned. By use of satire, Swift modifies his works with a piercing edge, but like various satirists, he gives no answers to the problems he concentrates on.
Jonathan Swift's works are sarcastic and skeptical and they are also pleasurable and intelligent. Swift's patriotism and writing influenced British literature overwhelmingly. It ids through it that he educated the reader to query prejudice and society's conception of civilization. His works carry on with its impact on British literature and its readers up to now. 

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