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It can be observed that the girls in Guyland acted the same and even submitted to their whiles to have the protection from the boys of Guyland. Though other girls were only forced to abide by the boys wants, it is very ironic that the girls in Guyland were the willing victims of the boys. This simply means that while the boys lived their lives in Guyland, the girls grew up with them. Yet as a whole, the girls mature faster than the guys in Guyland. When girls decides to leave the Guyland and settle down to become responsible parents, more often than not, the boys as they grown older still linger in Guyland. They felt that to enter the bond of matrimony simply meant that it is the end of their connection to Guyland.

It can be noted that the girls in Guyland painstakingly took so much effort to look like them to be accepted in their “society” as sited by Robbins. The girls in fact lived in Guyland to be appreciated and be part of them. The girls even deprived the rights of their own kind because they didn’t fit to the standard of the boys in Guyland. The girls in Guyland should be well trimmed, sexy, smart but not too witty. This simply means that the girls played a very important part of what the boys had become in Guyland. This is the reason why the boys in Guyland often get hooked up with the young girls because of their own manipulation.

As discussed in chapter 11, it can be observed that the girls in Guyland find the roguish look of the boys more appealing than the calm looks of other boys who are the perfect example of a good family man and provider. In my own opinion, to be a part of Guyland is a matter of choice. It is the girl’s decision in Guyland if they choose to be called “babe” “hos” or “bitch”. We make our own destiny. The Guyland is the time where girls and boys adjust to the situation of being free from home where they react according to their own desire which could be alarmingly dangerous.

This novel should not be taken for granted. It should be taken as an “eye opener” to everybody that these things existed behind the back of good moral values. This should serve as a warning for everybody to be vigilant on how the minds of the younger generation work. This is the bare truth that the Guyland is the time where boys and girls make dangerous decisions of their lives because of their young age which compel them to act on impulse, a decision that they should take…to be or not be.

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