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The Theory of Origin

It took a long time for Charles Darwin to introduce the theory of Origin and history of human, he included that human minds, was so that he did not care or animate like the other scientist did.


Darwin explains that, Human being originated from highly organized form. Human being had hairy bodies and opts to have a tail resembling the old world. It was a difficult task for Darwin in establishing the explanations on the morals of human.

In the first place, human morals were based on the sociability where they adapted the mode of animals like birds where they built there shelters similar to those of birds and caring for their offspring. Charles Darwin explains that human lived by coping or by adapting animal behavior. Therefore, it became easy to distinguish between the two groups, that is, human and the animals. The adaptive part of a human being enabled human kind to cater for its roots thoroughly (Darwin, 110).

It was an easy task for human, to recall the past which enabled them to judge, agree or disagree on their motives, thus improved their agreement as judgments for all things they did; they took it as the final order. As for Darwin, good and evil were equal and identical where happiness is the concept of right and wrong.

As for Lewis, human moral were based on how every one undergo sense of moral where moral makes one acknowledge the right decisions. In culture and tradition, it is clear that God exists, and He is the creator of every thing in this world. He further explains that the elder people acknowledged more in immoral and moral acts. He later emphasizes that not every human has all the due morals; some people live and grow without them as for different communities. Lewis insists that, many societies did not consider their morals ethics much but instead turn to Christianity.

On the other hand, there are various things which in turn shape the morals of human. Religion shapes a lot in human behavior. For example, for those who follow the religious practices excel in the society and have exemplary practices for their behavior. In the origin of morality, there were difficulties, which hindered human in their living. For example;

  • Acknowledging the Law giver, it is obvious that human learn earlier in the beginning that God exist;
  • How is the law giver? Human being is left in darkness, not knowing how God is in terms of how He is, excellent or evil. According to human knowhow, God is acceptable and powerful than anything in this world and it is advantageous to follow his commandments since is the God of all being. On the other side, those who go against the laws the will face the eternal punishment as explained by the laws. These laws have led to considerable moral in the society hence introducing the origin of human morals

In the case of moral habits, as by Lewis, it is not easy to learn moral behavior when one a grown up, it should start from child hood so that morals may be successful future. It will now become easy for children to inherit upstanding morals from the elder if only the elders kept the right morals flowing. This, therefore, makes different culture, to end up to Christianity ethics unknowingly.

The origin of man with their social instinct was like introduced through living animals, for example, animals where human lived together in a designed place like folks, and they had intellectual power, which made them have strong morals in their day to day living.

Education was there from the beginning where one learnt how to live with constant morals in the society. Firstly, as the child was brought up, it was the parent’s duty to give proper morals; hence the child grows knowing the right from wrong, identifying how to be honest and truthful.

So many people would not honestly know if there was God or not, due to illiteracy. A bigger percentage did not believe in life after death, but still human believed on top ancestor to which they worship.

Tradition was taken careful, such that, men were considered as hive bees. Unmarried female were considered as worker bees. This means that, the men were known to be the owners or the head of the village in the society.  Women were under the authorities of men. This implies to the human behavior resembled as that of bees.

Wrong was condemned in the society by the chief elders so as to create compelling moral codes and even to make people in the culture to stick into the traditions. This, hence, has even up to date improved the social and morals in a given community. Charles Darwin explains that polygamy and monogamy was the main trend in the early age hence causes production of high level of off spring in the society.

In conclusion, moral ethic is a way of living. This means, morals are behavior in a day to day life practices, and it obviously brought up from elder, thus enabling people to distinguish right and wrong.

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