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Hair plays a great role as a personal attribute that characterizes an individual. With hair one can know a persons society and culture. It also indicates what one thinks about herself and the religion that one belongs to. Women attach so much value to their hair and spend so much time and money on it. Most women comb their hair twice a day and wash weekly in order to keep it neat.  The color and quantity of a woman’s hair relates to where she belongs and to the temperatures of the place. Light colored hair, flexible and very fine hair is admired most. Wealth and royalty is associated to the different hair styles that women wear. Wealth women wear hairstyles like buns, wigs, weaves and also put on gold ornaments on their hair.


Today’s women would do anything to make their hair attractive, this means that those with bad hair naturally, end up putting artificial hair to cover up their heads or even to relax it in order to make it smooth and attractive. Hairdressers are allover to attend to the rising need of good hair. Beauty shops have also been set in order to provide the necessary hair products that women require to keep their hair attractive. Different hair styles are available and most women always go for the latest hairstyle in fashion.

Similarly, Aldrich (67) also observes that women attach much value to their hair. Women in the past came with hairstyles which were modeled after Egyptian fashion, Greek and Roman. For example the Egyptian hairstyle fashion included light curls which were made on the forehead and fullness at the back of the head. Some women also kept short hair which had curls or ringlets. Flat and curls which were twisted, and braids were also common by the end of the first decade. Women also wore hair ornaments like turbans, jewelry and bandeaux. Women were so busy making their daughters hair while themselves they attended hair dressers weekly where they got their hair washed and set in order to remain neat throughout. Their hair was made in a way that, it was strong and could not break easily even if a woman’s husband pulls it during a fight or a baby pulls it. Women also sprayed their hair to make it permeable and also to make it look very attractive.


Aldrich, (67) says that most women used home made products for their hair. For example in order to cleanse the hair and make it bright women had to use home products every morning (Aldrich, 67). This home product was made by mixing whites of an egg in to a bowl. Then this was applied on the head near the roots of the hair. The hair was left to dry for sometime and then washed thoroughly with a mix of rose water and rum which was used in equal quantity. Washing the hair in suds and combing it thoroughly was meant to keep the hair in order. Milk and cream were also used on the hair but they made the skin to clog. In contrasts, today’s women use ready made products for their hair. These products are made by different companies and then distributed through various beauty shops or supermarkets. These products when used properly keep the woman’s hair strong, bright and very attractive. They are also very easy to use unlike the home made products made from eggs.

According to Aldrich (67), children’s hair was supposed to be kept short till they reach 12 years. This was meant to keep the children’s hair health and beautiful. On the contrast, today’s parents keep their children’s hair long even at a tender age of less than one year. The hair is very health and the children become so beautiful because the parents are able to use the right products to help the hair remain healthy and beautiful while the product is also very gentle to the children’s skin.

Aldrich (67) observed that women were not supposed to sleep with their hair braided. They were required to undo their hair before going to bed. Women today on the other hand do not have to undo their hair before going to bed. All they do is to cover their hair properly in order to make it remain neat and also to prevent the pillow from getting dirt.

Men pay attention to their appearance

Beauty is not only a female issue. Currently, men are paying more attention to the look and condition of their skin. They want to appear good and thus are paying much attention to their skin. Just like women, men want to enhance their looks without wasting money and time and therefore they are going for easy products in order to take care of their skin and hair (Aldrich, 67).

Men are using products like tinted moistures and tools which darken their eyebrows. Men are very conscious of how women around them perceive them and therefore are becoming very careful about their hair and the condition of their skin. They are also going for the latest fashion like hair cuts and using the current beauty products in the market. Due to this, most companies are thus coming up with beauty products for men like men spay and lotion. Just like women men are also spending much time trying to experiment the best products that work best for their skins because they want to look presentable.

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