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Global Warming

The state of global warming in the world remains to be the unsolved crisis. It is one of the phenomenons that have remained to vehemently affect the productivity of the world ecosystem, yet with no firm solutions being obtained. It has taken the courage of many scholars and research analysts as they aim at striking deals that will ensure that the natural ecosystem is protected and preserved for future use. The main threat is the effects that the phenomenon has on the prospect generations as well as the present human and animal settings. It is for this rationale that the entire world and every human activity are centered at actions that seek to carp this natural and man made phenomenon (Singer & Avery, 2007).

Global worming is a man made as well as an innate disaster that has affected the natural human establishments. There are many human causes that are the foremost building blocks of the phenomenon. First and foremost, the main activities that bring about human development are the major contributors of the problem. The harmful gases and other industrial wastes cannot be completely stopped from being emitted into the environment. As far as human activities are being undertaken by man, waste products will still be emitted into the environment. The nature in which man utilizes the natural resources in the environment is determined by the usability and the effects that these facilities have on the immediate environment (Maslin, 2007).

Industrial production is one of the major building blocks of the world economy. The present state of economy greatly depends on productivity that is got from the environment. This is a clear indication that man is not in a position to discontinue utilizing facilities and products from the environment. Moreover, it is upon the decision of man to stop producing detrimental substances into the environment which are actually the main causes of global worming (Weart, 2008).

Accidents occur almost in every environment. These are some of the catastrophes that befall man as he contracts involvement in various activities. Accidents as fire upon an oil well are always hazardous as it normally leads to the release of hurtful substances into the ambiance. These harmful substances as methane gas are well known to cause particular effects on the natural human environment. This affects living things as those in the atmosphere and also those on land (Houghton, 2008).

Man is largely dependent on various environmental factors for productions. Many human activities are also known to be the prime causes of the destruction of the natural ecosystem that has actually resulted in global worming. This is a clear indication that the natural disasters that happen sometimes are as a result of human activities. These activities are inevitable as they give man what he needs for survival (Maslin, 2007).

Moreover, global worming is one of the facets that are hard to understand and thus come out with methodologies for preventing or having it stopped. It is of necessity that man produces in industries whether they release dangerous gases into the atmosphere or not. Also, it is hard to have the problem under control as it is being contributed by natural disasters that are relentless

With the petite exertion that man can initiate (Cline, 2007).           

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