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Aspects of Global Warming

Background of global warming

Global warming is one of the aspects that have affected the outlook and interpretation of various facts in the world climate. Climate change has been attributed to a number of factors both man-made and natural. In the real sense, there are no real features and figures to prove that climate is changing because of what man is doing. To some other extent, the activities of man have proved to be the causal agents of the change and deterioration of climate all over the world. This leaves us with a question like, how do we really know that global warming is real? If it is, who or what is the responsible agent towards the same? Moreover, how can these issues be in a genuine way so that they can be subjected to total control? This brings us to a point that we are forced to call subject the all thing as either a fact or fiction.


Global warming, a fact

According to the international scientific consensus, for the last five decades, there have been changes in the natural environment mainly due to human activities. The causes have never been natural in any way. In the natural world, plants and animals died and decomposed to form large deposits of natural gas, oil and coal. In the present world, man has burned this carbon to provide energy. The resultant affects are a release of products of these burning to the atmosphere. They have thus formed a covering on the all over the earth, trapping heat energy radiated from the sun with a resultant increase in temperatures on earth (Prince George's County (Md.). Board of Education, Prince George's County Public Schools, 1998).

The temperature readings all over the world are normally of vehement use in knowing the extent of the changes in the global temperature. These temperature measurements have always represented a fluctuating figure that cannot be explained most of the times. However, the average temperature ratings have always remained constant. According to the study of the ice cores in various parts of the world, the average temperatures of the northern hemisphere considerably changed during the time of global warming. These were the beginning periods of global warming in the world. A very little overall change in temperature caused small changes in its resultant effects.

Carbon dioxide is one of the substances that have actually been presumed to be the main causes of global warming. At the moment, the amount of carbon dioxide gas being released into the atmosphere is much more than it is being absorbed by plants. This is contrary to the ancient nature where the release and absorption were actually of the same rate. This shows that global warming has actually occurred.


It may be true that global warming has taken place. As far as we may say that the atmosphere has increased in its temperatures, we cannot be sure to conclude that it is being caused by human activities.  There are various human activities and therefore we cannot be sure which the cause of global warming is. Green houses have been established by man (Gasaway, 2009).  There have been changes in the emission of the green house gas. Moreover, the temperatures have been changing significantly. It has not been proved that these two changes have been occurring simultaneously.

It is a fiction that the little amount of carbon dioxide released by human activities is able to have such a significant effect on the nature of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide also cycles in the oceans and get absorbed. It can therefore be a subject to the change in temperature all over the world. Moreover, carbon dioxide is fairly removed from the atmosphere within a short period of time. It is over this short period of time that warming can be terminated. This has not been the case yet several measures have been taken to have the problem terminated (Gasaway, 2009).

Capstone 3B

Bad grammar in advertising

Advertising is an activity that is aimed to attract and win the interests of an individual towards having a skewed like or dislike of a particular thing.  It is therefore very crucial that it does not have mistakes of any nature and kind.  There are other aspects as clarity and self-explanatory and sufficiency that have to be portrayed by the advert itself. There are numerous instances and situations that have shown use of bad grammar in advertising. In many cases, it actually looks and sounds absurd. This is evident in many restaurants and companies all over the world. These grammar mistakes are a key to some of the loses that companies make in their endeavours to prosper. Some of the examples of grammar mistakes in advertising are as follows.

Use of wrong words

Word choice is crucial in making adverts. When one is aiming to produce a particular advert, it is necessary that he chooses a world that is conversant with the knowledge of many people who are intended to read the advert. At the prospect of making particular choices of words that will be attractive to audience, many people have been prone to serious mistakes of making particular problems in the choice of the intended words. For instance, in the Hong Kong Faneuil hall bar. (http://thegrammarvandal.wordpress.com/, 2008). Many words have been wrongly chosen in these adverts. They would have used the word lose instead of loose.

Misspelled word

There are several instances that this mistake has been committed by many people in their development of adverts. For instance, in the advert of Queen Elizabeth hair salon. (http://www.funnytypos.com/, 2010). There is a misspelled of the word or rather name Elizabeth. It is indicated Elirabeth. This could be a company’s game to win particular customers, but according to the rules of grammar, it is quite wrong to misspell an individual’s name. This reflects badly of the company in general.

Run-on sentences

These are writing mistakes that may occur at the time of writing the advert. For instance, in the old price redundancy indicated in the following advert (http://thegrammarvandal.wordpress.com/category/advertising/, 2006). Moreover, this could be dangerous to the goal of the advert in general.  Another instance of grammar mistakes in advertising is indicated in the website, (http://grammatically.blogspot.com/2008/01/grammar-in-advertising.html).

These mistakes are in most cases an absurd to the company and the individual editor. They may thwart the intentions are gains that the company would have gained over time. Personally, I don’t like and entertain such mistakes in advertising.

Capstone 3C

Many investor companies and corporations are deeply central to the developmental concepts that save on time and convey more and specific answers to the clients within a short period of time. To be able to prepare for a conference call, it is helpful to incorporate various figures and representations in one outlook. This will save on time and efficiently convey the message within a short period of time. Moreover, it will help to serve many people within a short period of time (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2004).

As a matter of commentary, all the corporate individuals and stakeholders are invited for a conference meeting. It has come to the notice of the company that many investors are busy and may not get time to attend the meeting. It is therefore vehemently crucial that they take to their note the important features that will be of importance in the meeting. As a fund manager of the top drug competitors, the following representation is a four year documentation of how the company has been doing.

Top Drug Store Competitors

Retail Pharmacy Industry — Competitive Operating Metrics (2009)

Walgreen Company (WAG) Rite Aid (RAD) CVS Caremark Corporation (CVS) Wal-Mart (WMT) MedcoHealth Solutions (MHS)

Revenue (billions of USD)  Total Revenue63.335 25.66998.729 405.046 51.804

Gross Margin  17.1636.82420.380 100.389 4.027 Revenue Growth from 20087.29%-     3.00% 12.87%0.95% 16.67%

Income Net Income   2.006-506.68 3.696 14.335 1.280

Net Profit Margin  3.17% -1.97%3.76% 3.66% 2.14%

Income Growth from 2008-7.00%N/A     15.01% 8.75% 16.08%

Other Earnings per Share  2.16-0.43 2.563.76 2.61

This is the nature in which the company has been doing. It is upon every investor to make sure that the goal and mission of the company is let with enough worth. The company has thereby made several steps in making sure that it is gaining the much that it can at any given time (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2007).

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