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Part One

It is with deep regret that we apologize to the public concerning some of the false information presented in one of our dailies. The information concerns one of the columns that appear daily on our analysis page by one of our reporters that we considered resourceful until recently. The company is doing all it can to ensure that it updates the public with reliable and correct information. As a means of facilitating accountability, the reporter has been suspended from working for the organization and put in custody for investigations. The media is obliged to publish information whose source has been validated and also considered to be appropriate for the targeted users.

What has happened has displayed a very bad image of company employees who do not understand what it means to inform the nation of the current happenings. This was rather unfortunate considering that the articles are also circulated over the internet and hence reaching a wider population. The management has been deceived by our so called reporter but we promise that such a thing will never happen again. This is a lesson that has been learned b the company which will ensure that all information brought in for publication is thoroughly scrutinized.

After we are through with carrying out investigations on the reporter, he will face legal consequences as per the laws of the country. This will serve as an example to other reporters who may want to be slack in their responsibilities. The reporter will also be charged according to any other laws that govern the media considering the fact that other people in other states through the company website also received the information. The public is also to take the responsibility in helping is identify false reporters or other communication Medias that may be involved in such offenses. The online means of communication has been the most affected when it comes to delivery of invalidated information.

It has become easy for anybody to write and post materials using the internet. Some of the online sources that people may prefer for information may actually not be true and controversial in nature. Our company allows our reporters to use online sources that have been tested for validity and which have been proved to provide correct information. The internet is considered to be the fastest means through which information can be delivered to a larger population. The public should be cautioned against believing everything posted on the internet. Following the common use of the internet, there are changes that have been made over the last century to cub online crimes.

Part Two

The television and other electronic media have become a means through which culture is portrayed. A number of movies that are cast reflect on the cultural issues. Technology and television to be specific has made it easier for people to learn and adapt cultures from various social backgrounds from the comfort of their living rooms. Most people prefer to learn other peoples cultures through movies. Compared to documentaries that may seem rather serious and boring, movies display a wider form of cultural practices through a series of correlated and interesting scenes. Electronic games have also been an important reflection of culture as they are designed in accordance to the cultural practices of the people. Video games have been preferred due to the aggressive attitude that it and the level of concentrate they require in the players. It is also a good form of exercising the brain because it makes the players develop a high thinking capacity . 

There are two kinds of games; the generally accepted games and the censored games. Censorship is done to protect the public from some of the effects that come with more engagement in such kind of games. Some have been considered to promote violence due to its wide acceptance and use when playing the games. Yet still, others have also been viewed to display culture in a negative form by ether misrepresenting it or having mixtures that are not right. There are also certain myths that have been associated with video games that have made tem to limited especially on certain specific cultures. Electronic games have been made to represent almost all outdoor games that aid in physical exercises. This has made most people and especially children to shift their focus on outdoor activities and show a preference for video electronic games. This has in turn led to high occurrences of stress and depression due to overuse of electronics. 

In a society where health has become an issue, doctors have related the high occurrence of psychological complications and organ diseases to the overuse of electronics including electronic games. This has not only minimized on people’s engagement in physical exercise but also affected their social life that is vital for good health. There is nothing much that can be done to enhance a healthy society with the continual use of electronic games. Their addictive nature makes it even difficult to rehabilitate those that are already affected by their use.

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