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Food and Memory

Food should be viewed as more than a substance which contains proteins and nutrients that help us grow and maintain health. Food is eaten for many different reasons. People eat food when they are hungry while some eat in order to calm their nerves. Some eat to gain weight while some stick to a particular diet to reduce weight. On another level, the food we eat defines us as it is a vessel through which we achieve personal recollection and provides a collective identity. The examination and study of what we eat is connected to ones cultural background, eating trends, and diet concerns. Everyone has a particular food that they hold dearly to him or her. Is could be a whole meal to a packaged snack or drink.

According to Peter, and Teresa (167), one has to try it to know how great the Black Forest cherry torte really tastes. This cake is a perfect example of a good time snack. Some prefer it with the liquor content but in order for people of other ages to enjoy it, it is made without the rum. This chocolate sponge cake is usually made up of four layers with whipped cream and cherries in between the layers. The dessert is frosted using the whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate shavings.

The Black Forest cherry torte takes me back to the days when I was still a young child growing up in my father’s farm. My mother made all the meals that we ate thus we were not accustomed to newer recipes. I remember the first time she tried the recipe, and from that day, when I take a piece of it, it has been a gateway to the old days.

Whenever I feel home sick, this has always been like a remedy for me. A small bite of this delicious dessert diverts my thoughts and takes away all my sorrows. The sweetness of this superb dessert reminds me of the love one can feel. One feels the warmth and love especially when enjoyed with someone who shares the same feelings.

Black Forest cherry torte is a dessert food that is mostly consumed after eating ones regular course meal. It is served in pieces as it is meant to bring a balance between the assortments of flavors during the meal. The Black Forest cherry torte has a relatively high calorie count due to the presence of the whipped cream and chocolate. Too much calories may be harmful to one’s health (Belton & Teresa, 67).

The Black Forest cherry torte can be made either commercially or at home. Industries like bakeries have included the Black Forest cherry torte in their menus because of the constant demand of this commodity. The cake is baked and sold in almost all bakeries world wide. Most people do not have the time to stay home and dedicate their time to the baking of this delicacy. They prefer to walk into a local bakery or diner and get it “to go.” The situation is not similar in cases of those stay at home mothers and other homemakers. Baking a cake requires a lot of time and patience as it is tiresome. Homemakers are busy individuals who dedicate their time to handle other domestic chores but some find the time to pull out their recipes and bake the Black Forest cherry torte.

The recipe of this dessert originated from Germany and dates back to around the 16th Century. Some say that the Nazi’s were the first to invent this recipe as is the rumor, but these claims have been proved wrong. Although this recipe came from Germany, it is now available everywhere. It can be found in books, magazines and on the internet. This dessert is more common with people who are in the privileged levels of society thus considered a luxury desert. This dessert is also more associated with the female gender. The recipe of this cake in Germany includes the kirsch liqueur thus making the dessert heady. This could make one feel like he or she has taken more than just the dessert when they take a lot of the cake.

In bakeries today, this dessert costs a lot of money (Belton & Teresa, 128). This may be associated to the constant demand of this product yet its availability is limited. A baker can only make so much Black Forest cherry tortes in a day. Some people may not have enough money to purchase this cake thus limiting them to choose another kind of dessert. This leads to some kind of segregation from those that do not have enough to purchase this dessert. In order for bakery owners to bring a balance to this equation, they provide an option of buying smaller quantities of the same dessert. This breaks the boundary between the well off and the less fortunate.

With the presence of whipped cream, the chocolate, and cherries, this dessert does not fit the description of a diet dish. This can be put aside as this is a dessert that is enjoyed once in a while as people need a treat occasionally (Peter & Teresa, 181). Some bakeries are able to make Black Forest Cake all year round thus making it a feature in United States former president George Washington’s Birthday that is also Presidents Day.

The Black Forest cherry torte is a dessert that conjures up a lot of emotion as it brings about thoughts of experiences from the past. Although too much of it has different consequences, it is still worth it as many people are fans of this particular cake.

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