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Ancient Dance References

The ancient man and the part dance played in his culture can not be foresighted. There are no any identifiable traceable physical and noticeable artifacts that arte often left behind by dance. Even if there is any physical evidence that can be left behind, we are sure of one thing, this evidence can not last for more than millennia as the case of tools that were made of stone, paintings in caves and implements in hunting.  This therefore leaves us in a compromised state since we can not be able to say as to when dance was picked up by human beings and part to be part and parcel of their daily lives. Dance as we can all assert has been a very essential part in our lives especially in various occasions. Some of the occasions in which dance is inseparable include rituals, celebrations, ceremonies of various kinds and entertainment.  Dance has often been practiced since and even before the birth of human civilization. Traces have been picked by archaeologists from a number of prehistoric periods such as the Indian painting of Bhimbetka rock shelter paintings that are estimated to be aged at 9000 year old and the paintings in Egyptian tombs that provide evidence of dance to as far as 3300BC.

A number of elements have been attributed to make up dancing. Body movements representatives like the head, eye, neck, legs and hands can symbolize dance movements. Just like music, dance can be used to improve and empower the abilities of the mind in many ways.  Dance can be employed in worship. For instance, the purity of the hearty and how peaceful someone’s mind is can define the key to Christian dance and liturgical worship. From the Egyptian history, dancing and dancers were so different from time to time and different steps and movements would be included in the dance depending on the type of engagement those dancing were involved in. for example, military occasions were so distinct from ritualistic dancing.

People believe that dance was created by God just like He created music. This thus implies that the soul is able to express itself through dance. Some of the ancient forms of dance generally deal with the body’s beauty. However the devil has come into play and it is using dance in the introduction of sexual deeds such as those in the bible referring to what happened to the beheading of John the Baptist. The enemy has been known to employ dance in the form of natural and emotional senses. It should be noted that he worship of Christ is far much beyond a person’s emotions, it stretches to the person’s roots of being and it is located in a person’s pure soul. Dances are of various types. The worship dance is entirely done expressing how one is grateful to God who created us in his own image. Its significance is far more than what meets the eye, it is far above any ceremony or ritual, entertainment or celebration and it aims at reaching God by passing through the spiritual of a person’s expression in love and internal thanksgiving. This has to come from the inner part of man and not from the outside part; it should be from the spiritual part of man and not from the flesh and worldly part of man.

In the Bible, David is referred to as God’s man who was after his heart. This is due to the way David danced in front of him. There are a number of religious believes that are against dancing, they consider dancing as a sin. However, it is clear from the bible that God himself did not disapprove dancing. In fact one of the man who found favor with the Lord was David, and he danced with all his might before the lord a sign that showed that when we are worshipping the almighty we should do this with joy and the joy should come from inside. One should be able to leap with joy when he is connecting with God. A moment with the most high should be reflected with joy and happiness, it should be a momentous and meaningful experience.  A moment with God will not be portrayed by a person being still, when after someone’s heart you should be able to show it. Being a shepherd, a warrior and king, David made numerous mistakes whose consequences were dire but it is not surprisi9ngly that the Bible points to us to emulate and be like him. The reason is that he realized he had made a mistake and he repented, in addition to this he loved God and he showed him how much he loved Him and the Heights he would go to show Him that he did love Him.

Dancing and it being a part of the Egyptians lives is very distinct in the etchings and paintings on tomb walls and figures made from clay with hands held above one’s head is clear to most historians. From a different perspective, dance has been referred to in Homeric poetry. It is considered that Penelope’s suitors delighted themselves through dance and music. In addition to this, very skillful dancers would entertain Odysseus in the Alcinous court. The ancient times dances are categorized to as war and peace dances. The peace dances are further categorized into worship and religious dances, symposia dances, marital dances and mourning dances. Each of these specific dances and their representation were specified by unique and distinct characteristics. 

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