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Financial Crisis 2007-2010

The main reason behind the development of the financial crisis that lasted from the year towards the current year is that of the liquidity shortfall in America’s economy. It was because of this matter that the result on the failure of different financial systems to perform well has affected the economic standing of other particular national and private sectors handling the finance systems control around the globe.  This economic failure does not only affect that of the ones directly connected to the said systems of financial circle. In fact, everyone, from the top heap of the world’s economy down to those at its lowest end are dreadfully affected by this immediate downfall hence resulting to a more devastating situation for the poor sector of the society.

With the immense effect it leaves the society with, researchers tried to find solutions to the issue through the use of massive study on the elements that could have possibly contributed to the aggravation of the situation. One notable factor to be considered is that of the complexity of some of the systems used to impose on the cycle of the monetary resources in the market. Fragile financial securities have actually caused the crashing of the faith of the investors making it harder for the monetary funding to circulate in the system.

High corporate and consumer debt levels have even aggravated the situation. As a result, foreclosure rates continued increasing and the monetary funding continues to create woes over the economic situation that looms over the field of international commerce and trading systems. Several top performing industries have been affected by this matter. Stock holders began to lose trust in the system making it harder for investments to fund the circulation further. Among the industries involved in the failure of the worldwide economy is that of the housing industry. Many homeowners searched for more security and more developmental procedures that are dedicated towards long time benefits especially when it comes to the consideration over their mortgages and insurances. With corporations in the real estate industry, providing such securities mean a lot of monetary allotment which they may not be so supportive of. Hence, with lower level of confidence of the corporations in investing for the market, the lesser the market itself would like to risk its money hence resulting to lesser purchase and monetary transaction.

Risky lending contributed by the lesser release of money on the part of the market have also weakened the capability of investment banks and government enterprises to provide the market with the money it needs to purchase has been weakened. Basically, the unwillingness of people in general to neither release money nor invest what they have in financial institutions has caused the halt of development on the part of the monetary systems functioning in the market. IT could be noted that with this occurrence in face of international economy, the most affected are those that are at the lower end of the economy level. Likely, they become more incapable to spend as the inflation of prices of the most basic needs become most evident during this time, while the incoming rate of finance in each household does not increase nor decrease at all. The lack of movement in the cycle basically halts the process of incoming and outgoing financial resources from the financial institutions directed towards the spending market; most often than not, this lack of capability to control on the part of the financial institutions breaks up the capability of the market to spend. 

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