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Stansky Corporation



DATE: 28/09/2010.


The recent increased cases of fire out breaks in the city have prompted the Stansky Corporation to renew its efforts to ensure that all the employees are aware of their responsibilities and safety whenever an incident of fire occurs.

The employees of this Corporation should therefore be on the look out for potential fire hazards and report on the same if any is noticed. In the event of an emergency, each employee should protect him/herself and not get involved if the situation is not safe.

The following procedure should be followed incase of a fire emergency:

  1. Stay calm and try your best to keep a cool head. This will enable your to make a clear assessment and consequently make clear judgments. If the emergency is a minor one raise alarm and if one is sure he/she can tackle it then he/she can use the available extinguishers and other tool available. If the emergency is major the following procedures should be followed.
  2. Sound the alarm. If the alarm fails then try and warn the other employees accordingly.
  3. Call the Authorities using the Numbers given and report the emergency.
  4. On hearing the alarm, the employees should evacuate using the designated exits. DO NOT go back for any belongings unless a go ahead has been issued.
  5. DO NOT use the elevators during evacuation.
  6. Once outside all the employees should assemble at the designated assembly point for a head count and other medical procedures as necessary.

REMEMBER it is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that their surroundings are safe and hazard free.


Sue Corry (Ms), 

Chief Executive Officer

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