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Recommendation Letter

I am writing this recommendation letter to grant the request of Jane Birt in support of his application for admission to post graduate study at your law school. I am Wally Herger, an active congressman (House of Rep.). I have known as Jane as an outstanding student with a good command of writing, listening, and speaking skills. Over the past two years, he has been a leader of the school’s criminal justice club and has actively participated in the school’s extra curriculum activities. It was in his second year at the university that Jane first drew my attention for all the strenuous activities he had involved himself in. I have noted his interest and love for the community through the community programs which he organized. He actually went to the extent of forming a community group with several members from his class; the aim of that group was to help oppressed members of the community in fighting for their rights. I vividly remember a certain case in point when he helped a girl who had been raped by a neighbor. The girl was initially naïve but Jane offered to help her file a case which was later heard in court and the offender imprisoned.

I understand that, Law school is an environment that requires individuals to express coherent political knowledge, proactive nature, and good leadership qualities. I also know that, language is the lawyer’s working tool and the best law students are those who have the ability to write and speak with exactitude, confidence and economy. I can only describe Jane using the above words. Even though excellent grades form a good basis for any law student, I think they should not be a limiting factor. Jane has had a tough start in his studies resulting from his unstable family and lack of finances. He has been out of school most of the time due to lack of tuition fees and this may have affected his grades. However, I strongly believe he has the aptitude and capability to be the best law student. He is the breadwinner of his siblings (since both his parents are dead) and has actually managed to balance his work and his studies.

Jane’s contributions to the school are more beyond what mere words can describe. He was a member, as well as a leader of the criminal justice club, and political science club.  He has been able to mobilize the students and has acted as their spokesman in political issues. For instance, he gave a speech at capitol when the state was doing cut backs. He has helped many disabled students fight for their rights, for instance, he helped a student who had been denied his inheritance by the in-laws when his parents passed on. I want to assure you that; Jane can make a very good student, if not the best. He is ready to learn and nothing can stop him from achieving his dreams. Well, having known him for quite sometime, I have the conviction that, Jane is one of the lawyers that this country desperately needs. 

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