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Modern Technology and Recreation

We are living in an era characterized by dynamic and innovative technology. Rapid change in information resulting from tremendous improvements in technology is changing our lifestyles at home as well as at work place. To be more precise, there are notable changes in the manner in which recreational services are being delivered. Customization of technology to suit recreational requirements is motivated by the urge to continually improve customer satisfaction. There is no doubt that operations have been simplified by introduction of technology based activities. Technology is important in determination of the manner in which leisure and recreational services are managed.

It is totally impossible to talk about the impact of technology in leisure management transformation without mentioning pivotal role of computer which forms an integral part of information technology. It was once considered that electricity was the greatest technology transforming recreational facilities. However, late 20th century saw tremendous explosion and subsequent application of information technology in management of leisure of facilities and services. One notable arm of information technology is personal computer. Several recreational organizations are currently using computers to better manage their operations. Subsidiary to personal computers is continuous software development. Several application soft wares have been developed to replace cumbersome paper work. Word processors, publishers, accounting and many other business based applications are in daily use in management of leisure facilities. Other more specific applications are on the increase (Crossley, Jamieson and Brayley 2007).

Telecommunication technology is doing great in marketing and distribution of recreational products. It is obvious that the need to travel has been largely reduced with the coming of information and communication technologies. For example, market segment representing individuals who are unable to afford life performances can be gathered for through television or internet broadcast. It is not only beneficial to eager customers but also to hardworking entrepreneurs in leisure management sector. Social networks like facebook, twitter and Skype offer a touch of social life which is good enough at replacing meeting at social places. 

Technological advancement cuts across all sectors of life including entertainment. Theme parks for example, have provided an impressive platform of showcasing entertainment technologies. Visitors to Disney’s California Adventure are hosted to a breath taking experience of real life through combination of well known entertainment legends and technology. Indeed, entertainment has been taken to a higher level through motions and sound simulations.

Advancements realized in computing technologies are rapidly transforming management of leisure facilities. Using biometrics has been very helpful in validation of multi-day ticketing and holders of periodic pass (Woodside 2007). Rising popularity of cellular technologies and other handy communication gadgets is making it very easy for facility management to communicate effectively with current and prospective customers. Online booking is a good example of such enhanced efficiencies. It is possible to integrate other recreational services if prior knowledge of visitation is known. With sophisticated technology, customized products are quite possible. That is to say, packages which just fit the customer’s needs are designed.

Apart from enhanced communication, innovative technology has also brought about superb and effective recreational facilities. For individuals who are more interested in active leisure rather than passive are well taken care of. Sports and games are good examples of such active leisure. Fresh ideas are indeed transforming ways of refreshing. Items like sports clothing have been designed to be as comfortable as possible to the user. By just putting them on, a person feels to be in the right mood of refreshing and relaxing. Other facilities like gym equipment are carefully designed to meet every user’s needs. Their versatility enables people of varying capability to utilize them. With a simple operation like pressing a button, settings can be altered to the desired level of needs.

Further research and subsequent innovations on recreational technology paints a bright future for business in leisure management sector. The rate at which technology has been changing ways of life is a clear indication of bigger things to come.

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