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Fisher and Paykel New Zealand

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Home to Fisher and Paykel is East Tamaki, New Zealand. This company is a manufacturing organization that produces export quality appliances that are released in the international market for trade. Among their primary products include washing machines, refrigerators, dish drawers and dishwashers, as well as top loading dryers. Just lately, they have also included electric cook tops in their line of products. All these particular items are distributed within and outside the country. As reported, almost 80 countries receive the deliveries from this particular organization that produces household appliances.

When it comes to its branches for manufacturing and outsourced worker branches, there are those that are situated in Auckland and Dunedin New Zealand, Huntington and Clyde United States, Treviso in Italy, Rayon in Thailand and Reynosa in Mexico. The latest addition to the said branches is that of the one situated in Cleveland Australia. These branches serve as outsourced manufacturers as well as outside remote distributors of the products released by the organization for direct consumer appreciation.

Being involved in the process of creating appliances in the house that could actually increase electricity consumption and further increase CFC release, the company is now facing a specific challenge of making a specific approach in assuring that the products that they release would produce less CFC and would utilize minimal electricity. How could this be given particular attention to? One of the most important and considered to be the most efficient to approaches such as this one is the application of sustainable business operations.

Implying Sustainability in the Business

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability basically imposes on the application of procedures that adhere to the creation of particular approaches that are actually dedicated towards using resources with less waste. This means that the raw materials are used up properly hence releasing less waste which results to efficient utilization of the resources. How is this particularly applied in the field of business operations such as the ones that Fisher and Paykel deals with in the industry? Through the utilization of a framework that affects not the manufacturing procedures of the company alone, but also that of the other operations considered to be making the entire organization’s reputation.

What Framework of Application shall be used?

The green supply chain framework is the proposed process application that Fisher and Payker could take into consideration. Basically, this framework intends to make sure that all the products released are properly designed in a sustainable way through the application of business operations that are dedicated towards assuring that the final products meet the established standards of sustainability. As it could be noted, the business framework considered herein involves the application of changes and operative developments that concern the internal and external correlations of the business in the industry. Believably, the application of matters involving sustainability should affect the entire culture of the organization.

Observing the diagram presented in the previous page, the base operations that would support the entire sustainability of the system is that of the Visible Leadership, the Business Case and the Program Governance. Being the base, this means that these three particular applicative operations hold the strength of the entire organization as it operates along with the most comprehensive approaches towards adjusting the systems considered by the company into becoming highly sustainable. From the base comes the transition towards the dimensions that make up the entire approach. These dimensions would be the considered chain of operations that shall practically mediate the entire system towards producing highly sustainable products in the end. Metrics and measurement shall involve the implicative ways by which the raw materials are effectively used for the manufacturing of the products that the business distributes to the market. The next dimension is that of the business capabilities which basically emancipates on the different elements of business that could best support the approach being suggested. This includes financial and people force adjustment that basically requires training of the people within the company who are to be directly involved in the adjustments concerned.

The other dimension considers the business partner collaboration. Discussing the primary aims for adjustment of the organization in connection with becoming sustainable is an essential part of imposing the changes. Letting the partners know of the adjustments could best give the business a proper option of seeing through the possible support that they could get from the organization that they are tied up within the industry thus lessening the pressures that might be involved in the approach that is being considered.

The last dimension is the operational management which covers the overall procedure taken into consideration in manufacturing and distributing the products completed during the process. The operational alignment approach specifically considers the creation of adjustments on other facets of company operations to be able to establish one particular successful operation that would coincide with the application of all the other sustainable considerations being proposed herein.

The application of the sustainable business operations adjustments are expected to take a definite effect on the organization as it implemented through the system with the empowerment of two primary elements considering environmental compliance and sustainable chain efficiencies. Basically, the organization’s success in applying the sustainable essence of business operation actually depends on their actual realization of their responsibility to the environment and to their consumers. Their belief of the need to respect their stakeholders from the society in connection with the products that they release for the market is the basic source of understanding that they have to know of. Truthfully, this involves the considerable understanding that they have upon the effects that their products and their operations have towards the society and the environment.

What are to be Expected?

As noted in earlier discussions, the expectations of success upon the application of the operations involved would depend on the realization of the business towards the different responsibilities that it has towards the stakeholders that it serves which are shown through the diagram herein. The four dimensions shown herein are the primary target stakeholders of the changes that are to be taken into consideration for the sake of adjusting towards sustainable business operations.


Believing towards the success of applying sustainability in the process of business operations could be based on the preparation of the entire group of individuals making up Fisher and Paykel Company to accept the changes that are supposed to be considered. Naturally, it is through this that somehow, the capability of the organization to provide proper attention to the issue of giving attention to sustainability could actually contribute to the increased competence of the organization in serving the society’s welfare. 

Buy custom Fisher and Paykel New Zealand essay

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