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Database Memorandum

Emirates Airlines


To:  Chief Executive Director

From:  Database Administrator

Date:  10th November 2010

Re:  Database Memorandum

I am writing this to enlighten you about the need to have in place a high quality database management system in order for our company to stay competitive and fully functional. There are many database management systems available in the market and which we are going to select according to its ability to handle transactions effectively.

A. Database management systems

A good database management system should qualify the “ACID test”, that it should have Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability. This will guarantee that the transaction of allocation of seats in Emirates Airlines system are fully executed, committed and all rolled back. Consistency is achievable a good database and transaction should be invisible until transaction is complete. The outcomes of a transaction are enduring and live through future structure and media breakdown. To achieve this, I recommend two types of database management systems.

A.1  Oracle

This is relational database management system from Oracle. It runs on over 80 platforms.

A.1.1  Advantages of Oracle

Oracle is good for large scale databases like in the case Emirates Airlines. It comfortably handles hundred thousand records.

Oracle supports locking and concurrence.

Oracle 11th generation comes with features which consist of built-in testing for changes, the competence of viewing tables back in time, better compression of various types of data and improved disaster recovery utilities.

It has support for Internet with its built-in Java Virtual Machine and more support for XML. It also has support for grid computing which allows for clusters of low-cost, industry standard servers to be taken as a single entity.

Another major advantage for Oracle is that it has the concept of Flash technology. This helps much in recovery of data which are lost accidentally. This is achieved by working only on modified data. Thus Flashback offers an efficient recovery from human mistakes, quicker database recovery, and helps in simplifying the organization and administration procedure.

Oracle is reliable, secure and can easily be maintained and its performance on process of data is good. It is stable because it continues to add new features which makes it user friendly (Bertino, Catania and Zarri, 2001).

A.1.2  Disadvantages of ORACLE

Depending on the situation, it is costly to implement and maintain as compared to Microsoft Structured Query Language which is free.

It takes a considerable time to learn and it requires qualified professionals.

A.2  IBM DB2

This is a relational database management system developed by IBM to run primarily on UNIX as well as Windows machines. It offers data availability and steadiness, as compared to various database management systems. Its High Availability Disaster Recovery characteristic offers elevated accessibility for both complete and incomplete site failures. This prevents the data loss by duplicate data modifications from source database, referred to as primary, to target database ().

A.2.1  Advantages of IBM DB2

Emirates can reduce its IT cost by using IBM DB2 because of its automation characteristics. Storage expenses can be minimized because it provides enhanced compression over its precursors.

It has enhanced security and audit characteristics.  Administrators can be able to view all the details of database access. Accuracy control, encryption, and Label-based Retrieval Control all minimize the danger of unauthorized access.  User’s capability to access the database and manage data is restricted to their role.

It is easy to operate and flexible, enabling Emirate to adapt to varying business requirements without being restricted to the technology. It enables administrators alter database schemes and relocate to new tables without downtime (Jain, 2002).

A.2.2 Disadvantages of IBM DB2

It can be very expensive and its licensing is somehow complicated. Emirates Airlines to obtain its license to operate it are restricted.

It has limited training options and requires hands-on administration. It also has no add-on tools.


Emirates Airlines will able to comfortably implement Oracle as its database management system. This will allow for better management its data, particularly for assigning seats. Although it is expensive to implement it, it is worth in that it offers extensive support options and can be able to run on multiple platforms. It is scalable to accommodate the ever growing requirements of the Emirates Airlines.

So I hope you will consider the above recommendations and let us roll-out the implementations of Oracle in our database administration system. This will go a long way in improving security of data and its integrity.

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