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Case of Mary

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In any business organization, there are some rights which are given to the employees dung their course of work. At the same time, the employers have unique responsibilities that they must strive to achieve in their work. However, some of these rights differ from one region to another.  In comparing America to Europe, it is important to note that Federal laws as well as State laws ensure workers are treated in nondiscriminatory way without bias.  While there are laws that grant the workers the rights of not being tested for drugs and other testing, many of the workers do still have their privacy and expression unprotected in their place of work (UCLA 2010). This has made the customs of the workers to change in regard to work.  In Europe, each and every country has different laws that influence the rights of the workers. With respect to these rights employers are required to act in accordance to the right which differs both in American and Europe but serves as the basis of the responsibilities of the employee. In America, employers are less likely to place their employees under scrutiny as compared to Europe (, 2010).

In the case of Mary, she may file a complaint with the government agency though this process has numerous challenges.  In filing of formal complaints, Mary is likely to follow a tedious process of documenting the complaints. She will need to outline that data that the workers contravened the business ethics, descriptions of what happened as well as the witnesses who saw it. Being that she is the only one who feel what is happening is outright wrong, it is more likely that this process will be more difficult and time consuming. Furthermore, the other managers may sue her on justification of her grounds and possibly initiate her sacking if possible (Lachman 2010).

Filing such a complaint, Mary is likely to be received well with the supervisors in Europe more than those in the United States. In America, the working culture is more relaxed as compare to that of Europe. As a suggestion, it is necessary for Mary to approach both managers in a dialogue outlining the negative effect of such compromises in work place. This should help in establishing of policies that will be used to improve ethics at the work place and streamline the actions of the employees.

Buy custom Case of Mary essay

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