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Yahoo in China Discussion

Good relations must be forged in order for two sides of the divide to agree. Forging these relations also implies that the two warring sides would be in a position to share their knowledge in various areas. This is the scenario that faces the relationship between China and United States of America. The two nations are rivals as each nation seeks to outdo the other in terms of the technological advancements that they are able to achieve (Shaw, 2010).

Over the years, the tremendous technological advancements in China have been overwhelming. As a result, nations all over the world have been trying to nurture good relations with the Chinese government. It’s of great concern to the United States’ companies to nurture good relationships with the Chinese authorities so as to attain competitive advantage. This is because good relationships with China with ensure that these companies have access to the Chinese technology first hand. This will ensure that they remain competitive in the market.

In the recent issues regarding the support that Yahoo offered Google in regards to seclusion of Chinese users, the matter seemed to damage Yahoo. This was mainly because of the criticism by some of United States’ companies. This is a clear indication that the United States’ companies should work towards improving the relationship with China. If these relationships had been nurtured log before this fall out, the damage that Yahoo experienced would have been averted.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial that United States’ companies honor the regulations set by the Chinese authorities. This will prevent any conflict of interest. Eventually, individuals will be in a position to access the websites that they wish to without any obstructions. This will enhance internet freedom irrespective of one’s nationality.

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