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Webline Construction Company

Webline Construction Company (WCC) started two years ago and aims at becoming a leading provider of construction as well as renovation services in the local area. The overall strategic focus pursued by the company has been build on the notion of continuous improvements on the working processes by setting clear objectives, measuring and analyzing results as well as providing feedbacks in order to ensure continued growth and prosperity.

            WCC has offices located within the local municipality and has a well-endowed and highly experienced caliber of management. WCC has a CEO who is assisted by one of his sons. The company relies on services of causal laborers that are hired on a weekly basis to engage in construction and renovation activities. The CEO has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His assistant is a trained engineer with 5 years working experience in the construction industry.

Products and Services

            For the last two years, WCC has developed an advanced mechanism of placing bidding, scheduling, and provision of material solutions for all its projects that are currently running within the local county. Therefore, the company will employ adaptable measures or methods in undertaking any building or construction.

The market

            The housing market has continued to increase at an accelerating pace. Indeed, in the last 10 years, the sector has experienced an annual growth rate of 8%. Although there was a slight drop in 2008 due to the economic meltdown, the sector has recovered and there is a greater opportunity for continued growth. WCC aims at developing long-term partnerships with other industry players and pursue new clients of its services to residential and commercial builders. The company strategy will focus on getting contracts from city, county, and state and federal government.

            Therefore, the company will make use of direct sales force, relationship selling, subcontractors as well as the internet to reach the target market. The reason for choosing these avenues is that they are most appropriate to reach the market and require less capital. In addition, they provide an established access to the distribution channels.

The company sells its services to clients in the area of commercial construction and renovation. The company staff design drawings that provide work schedule, work sequence and the materials required for the completion of each project.


            The company aims at being the best partner to its customers. To attain its vision, the company will strive to for continued growth in profits, operational excellence, exceeding the needs of the customers and providing a strong brand positioning.


The following are the objectives to be pursued by WCC;

  • To have at least 5 major construction projects in the next 12 months
  • To have at least 10 building renovations in progress by the end of this year
  • To achieve at least 5 % profits at the end of the current financial year

Keys to Success

In order to achieve a profitable growth, the company will be;

  • Using updated equipments and materials to ensure quality products to customers
  • Providing customers with information and advice throughout the construction process
  • Overseeing logistics that go with each project
  • Strict adherence to laid down safety requirements
  1. 1.      Select Three Electronic Marketing Resources 

            As stated earlier, WCC will make use of direct sales force, relationship selling, subcontractors as well as the internet to reach the target market. The choice of these avenues is based on the notion that they are most appropriate to reach the market and require less capital. However, the company executives are of the opinion that the internet has become an invaluable tool for clients to find information about the company. In addition, WCC can use the internet to promote its services to potential clients. According to Ferrell & Pride, the construction industry has been slow in joining the internet bandwagon when compared to other business. Therefore, WCC will make several electronic resources to market its products and services. 

The Use of eMarketing

            The methods employed in marketing have changed and improved significantly over the years. eMarketing combines current communication technologies and traditional marketing principles that have been used over the years.

Web Plan Summary

            WCC will create a unique website to market its products and services. The website will provide all the information concerning the location of the company, products, and services provided estimated prices for various projects and any other information that is relevant to the interaction between the company and its clients. In addition, the site will have an online chat forum where customers an engage the management on discussion pertaining to work schedules, material needs and completion schedules among other issues. This will help customers make online requests for quotations or changes to work processes. The web site will be marketed by submitting it to well established search engines as well as inclusion of the company URL within all the printed materials that might be passed on to other media.


            Email is one of the most popular forms of asynchronous communication. It has become an indispensible part of humanity and its widespread use, made possible by the advent of the internet, has lowered the economic barrier to communication between companies and their clients. It is a means of mass distribution of information and provides an easy way to conduct personal one-on-one dialogue. In the US, consumers spend as many hours online as they spend watching television. According to a survey by Jupiter research, 87% of consumers cite email as the main reason for connecting to the internet. WCC will definitely use this valuable tool in communicating with its clients as well as getting feedback. It is also an efficient and easy way of sending communiqué and sending the company enewsletter to the customers.

Live Chat

            Live chat allows visitors to e-commerce websites to engage in real time text and live chat communications with customers’ service representatives. Customers are able to immediately ask questions, make online enquiries, and receive assistance from live persons.

  1. 2.      Explain which electronic marketing resource would be least useful to your efforts and why

            Although live chat is useful in providing real time solutions to customers, it is the least useful to the marketing efforts of WCC. This is because being a small company; the company might not have personnel to sit down all the day to chat with clients. Besides, as the company will be doing business mostly with institutional and government clients, most of the communication might be effectively relayed by the use of the email and on the company website.

4. Evaluate which support program or services would be most useful to your efforts and explain why.

            The email is the most effective tool in the marketing effort of WCC. This is because, as highlighted earlier, most people use the email frequently and most often every day. The medium will be used to provide communication and solicit contracts from government agencies. In addition, it is a valuable tool in passing the company enewsletter to it clients and potential ones. Such enewsletter will be updated regularly and as such will regularly provide customer with up to date information concerning company products and service.

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