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Rocky Mountain Financial LLC

Rocky Mountain Financial LLC is a financial business located in Oregon among other states with United States.  At the city of Portland, Rocky Mountain Financial LLC offers financial advice to businesses operating with the city as well as to individual persons. Financial advisory services include investment advice, tax deductions advice, insurance, pensions and retirement plans advice for companies and businesses among others. Specifically, Rocky Mountain Financial LLC offers tax advisory services to businesses and individuals; how to maximize their deductions and minimize problems in preparing and filling their tax returns (Rocky Mountain Financial LLC, 2010).

When Rocky Mountain Financial LLC Oregon’s branch was been set up at Portland city, many businesses and individuals were previously experiencing problems related to tax deductions and filling of their tax returns. For businesses, they were not able to come up with proper ways of claiming deductions which are tax allowable in order for them to be able to legally minimize their tax obligation to the government (Rocky Mountain Financial LLC, 2010).

Due to this reason, businesses would claim deductions some of which were not allowable and they would end getting on the wrong side of the law because this is not legally acceptable in terms of taxation. Some businesses did this out of lack of knowledge on how to go about maximization of deductions by their staffs and also due to lack of good tax advisors. Another problem that businesses in Oregon used to experience was long bureaucratic procedures while filling their tax returns and most of the times, they ended up filling their returns late and hence attracting heavy penalties due to lateness.

According to Rocky Mountain Financial LLC, many businesses within Oregon have expressed that the process of preparation for tax returns and filling for the same has become easy since Rocky Mountain Financial LLC was established in Oregon. Since the process of preparing and filling tax returns have become easy through the assistance of Rocky Mountain Financial LLC, many businesses as well as individuals who were previously not tax compliant have been encouraged to start filling their returns.

When Rocky Mountain Financial LLC investigated why some businesses and individuals were evading tax, they expressed that they did not know how to go about the procedure since it was hectic. Others expressed that they were afraid that they would end up paying all their net income in form of taxes to the government. Rocky Mountain embarked on educating businesses and individual how to claim tax deductions in a legal manner and how to file their tax returns easily. This has encouraged businesses to be tax compliant and has also encouraged setting up of new businesses Rocky Mountain Financial LLC, 2010).

Apart for tax advisory services, Rocky Mountain has encouraged the spirit of investment in Oregon State. Rocky Mountain Financial LLC has been offering investment advice to businesses as well as individual. The business provides a range of investment plans to businesses and individuals (Rocky Mountain Financial: Investment, 2010). Rocky Mountain Financial works in close liaison with brokers, dealers, BD agents and IA representatives in monitoring movement of securities in the stock market. This way, they are able to advise their clients when is the best time to buy or sell securities.

This has seen growth and diversification of investments in Portland as many people and businesses now understand how to speculate and make extra cash in the stock market. Previously, many investments done in Portland were in properties but know investment in the stock market has become a profitable form of investment for people of Portland through the assistance of Rocky Mountain Financial LLC (Rocky Mountain Financial: Investment, 2010).

In summary, Rocky Mountain Financial LLC has played a significant role in assisting businesses as well as individuals at Portland city in becoming tax compliant by making the process of preparing and filling tax returns easy. This has resulted into setting up of more and more businesses in Portland city and in the whole of Oregon. Rocky Mountain Financial LLC has also boosted investment at Portland by providing good investment plans for businesses and individuals in the stock market.

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