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P&O Business Plan


P&O is one of the most famous and leading clauses in Australia and Newzeland following their respective destination. For the last 170 years the ships of p&o cruises have been fully operational. at first the p&o took the voyages that were known as excursions where the passengers from England travelled with their royal Mails to different ports and finally settled back at the P&O mail voyages. At that time there were no return cargoes and Wilcox and Anderson tried to establish them by trading with a small fleet and they sailed ships from Spain and Portugal. The two countries were able to effectively combine the two colors and that is black and white which symbolized Portugal and on the other hand red and yellow which symbolized Spain and they were able to come up with a complete flag.

The two owner’s o f P&O trades added up carnival Plc together with all its registered branches that were established in Australia and Newzeland in the year 2004 and it is the largest and most interesting company among the Leisure travel Industries. It is known to represent six of the most famous cruise brands .During the times of operation the P&O cruises encountered some challenges to be able to maintain the energy of negotiating about the errands. This was accredited to Arthur Anderson who was well known for his great introduction to cruising.

When the company arrived in the East, it opened its services and built 1,787 steamship and the name of the firm also changed to Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Currently there about four cruise vessels in Australia and the Pacific Dawn weighed around 70,000 million, the pacific Sun weighing 47000 tonnes, the Pacific Pearl that weighed 70,000 and finally the Pacific jewel that also weighed 70000.The P&O had set up some advertising strategies that would serve as a campaign to attract more passengers preferring their transport on its ship.

Competitive analysis

For the campaigns the main media that was used was the TV primary, online as well as outdoor advertising .Direct marketing and merchandise was also a great campaign factor which included activities such as having fitness centers, outdoor pools. Children’s baby care, video studio, night club, casino, decking sport and theatres (Phillip 2000) .The Jewell and the Pacific Pearl were the bigger ship that attracted more passengers and offered some outdoor circus to ensure that the customers were fully occupied as they travelled. The customers travelling were able to feel like they were in the comfort of a 4 star hotel. There was great value that was added to the feeling of being on holiday. To be able to beat the competitive factor of the other companies, P&O offered vacations to the ports connecting Australia and Newzeland-Vila, Noumea, Lifou, Fiji, Tauranga and cairns in Australia.

Effects of consumer perception towards industry’s financial trend

In the year 2009 and 2010, there were around 139,258 passengers who travelled with P&O cruises. The P&O turnover was not more than $119,622,622/= and it was considered to be a great achievement to the Australian market. The passengers had formed a good perception about P&O cruises due to its benefits and recreational facilities and this led to a greater turn out of the clients. Recently the International Cruise Council of Australia (ICCA) reported that by 2010, almost half a million people had changed their perception of travelling by a cruise and they opted for it when going for their holidays (Boyd 1937). Finally the P&O Ethical Stance enabled the stimulation of the pacific Island communities through their campaign trends to have more visits to the South pacific Island. This sector contributed a lot to the tourism sector.

Economic contribution goal

IN the next ten years the entire entity of the P&O travelers should have been able to recruit at least 10% of the crew from the south Pacific hence increasing tourism and stimulating the entire economy in Australia.

Product development strategy

According to the sustainable report released there are a number of effects to the environment through the overall operation of the company (Carnival 2011). As the ship sails to the various ports it was estimated that at least 685000 gases of the green house gases is released to the air every year. The ship also uses a lot of fuel to get sailing and according to the report; it was noted to be around 139000 Tonnes and the company has formulated a number of strategies to apply to reduce the occurrence of this problem:

  • Improving the proper utilization of fuel by using the silicon coating to reduce the hull friction of the ship
  • Maintaining optimum vessel draught and stability to avoid wastage
  • Use energy saver lamps in the ship compartments
  • Improved air conditioning and having an increased recirculation of waste heat to avoid polluting the environment.
  • Limiting the speed to optimum so that the energy can be conserved even more.

Brand elements

Corporate P&O Logo and Slogan is accessible in the website Peninsular and orientation page. It is one that holds a lot of advertising power through the brand name (Charles 1980). It was appearing on the page with the title of P&O Cruises and it is followed by a slogan saying ’discover a different World’, A great deal of history was found in the brand name and there was a lot of simplicity and it was easy to pronounce hence the consumers find it easy to process and access the brand name (John 1901). The prices are also posted online or the clients to access the information easily.P&O target the single status consumers and in most cases the themes were seen in the human characters used in the advertisement.


Since domestic tourism is gradually increasing annually, the P&O investments in Australia are growing as well, and then there was need to advertise more in the effort of reaching the 18 countries and encourage them to try using P&O cruises.

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