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A Business Report

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A business report should convey information to assist in making decision. Different business plan and report s have many format and templates, which must be adhered to in order to produce a good report. In order for the intended persons to comprehend why the business plan is written; a clear purpose theme must exist throughout the report. A report must be precise and written in a business format, which covers all the related factors of the business.

A good business report must determine the purpose and scope of the report. Business reports are supposed to support specific organization objectives, decision making and strategies. It should also have consideration of audience. Business reports have various hierarchy of audience that must be evidenced and clearly stated in the report. The three main business report audiences: primary; secondary; and immediate must be well catered for in the report. Information gathering and relevancy of research is another important consideration that must be demonstrated in the report. Research and analysis of information forms the backbone of the business and must adequately demonstrated during report writing. The weight of gathered information need to be analyzed to help stakeholder make good and informed business decision. The report should be able to determine solutions, findings and recommendations of the business intended. In addition, format of the report is very essential. Clear and accurate reports with supporting graphics and relevant directives give good impression and attract attention. Informative graphics such as pie Chart, tables, graphs and organizational graphics are recommended for a good business report.


The aforementioned business report qualities would assist in analyzing the employee’s business report draft. This will act as the guiding principle when I explain to the employee why his draft is not first rated. The business report must be organization specific and be a guiding tool for current and future decisions making to ensure continuity.

Buy custom A Business Report essay

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