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Gothic and Romanesque Architecture

During the middle Ages the Romanesque and Gothic architecture started in Western Europe but at different times. Romanesque began first in the 7th century and spread to other parts of Western Europe in short span of time. It became the central creative and architectural style till the 12 century when the era of Gothic architecture started. These architectural eras do not pursue the same fundamentals. The main difference between Romanesque churches and Gothic cathedrals is ideological.

When going through Europe one would find old cathedrals on a regular basis. After looking at the initial couple of cathedrals they would start to look the same incredibly huge, magnificent and made of stone. The influences of Byzantine and Roman styles were found in the Romanesque architecture. This architecture got its name because of its similarity to a classical Roman arch which was one of its key features. This feature was the barrel vault.

During this time numerous religious pilgrims were wandering all over Europe and found a need for building which were to be much larger than the conventional churches. The utilizing of barrel vaults made it probable for the vast interior space which was constructed of stone. Because of this the roofs were to be tremendously heavy and thick to avoid collapsing. Because of the strong walls there were less windows and this makes the Romanesque churches to look like a fortress from the inside as there is less light. 

The Gothic architectural style was born in the middle of the 12th century with the purpose of making the churches look bright, multicolored and elevated much like heaven. The main different in the Gothic architecture was the use of flying walls. These structures were attached by arches to the main walls which helped to relocate the pressure from the roof to the outer portion. This would make the buildings look taller with the walls becoming thinner and a there could be lot of windows. The Gothic style cathedrals were pointer than Romanesque buildings with high spires and pointed curves which helped to characterize the style. 

The buildings which were made according the Romanesque and Gothic architecture are:

Romanesque: France’s Mont St. Michel, the Cathedral of Pisa. 

Gothic: Chartres Cathedral in France, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Abbey of St. Denis and Westminster Abbey, London. 

As for my conclusion I would say that Gothic architecture has introduced a lot of advancement but than can be termed as normal since it was placed after nearly 5 centuries later than its predecessor, where as the Romanesque architecture has a lot of value because it is not easy to make such strong and huge buildings.

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