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Video Game Consoles

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This Video game console industry is one which continues to develop at a speedy rate. At present, we are seeing the second age group of the video game consoles, the best companies being Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. Where there is such a marketplace, with a prospect for development and a fierce competition, the external and internal things will always have to be minimized and exploited as much as feasible to get a competitive benefit over another firms.


The Video game console industry has had much attention focused on it for a variety of reasons, these namely being game playing, being linked to or contributing to rising levels of obesity and the playing of violent games may lead to violent behavior. As more learning based games are developed, the greater the volume of sales of both consoles and games as many people in society are always looking for new ways of learning, this encourages blend of fun and learning (Vorderer, 2006). A breakthrough with these types of games will expand the industries consumers as this can target an even younger audience. Video games may possibly smooth the progress of player's social growth in another manner. As team members may talk about the games with their peers and may share their strategy for success, they often gain from these constructive social contacts (LaMothe, 2006).

Video Games Can Be Addictive - Anybody who has actually been into video games has practiced this. They also spend a large deal of time joining in online gaming forums, reading gaming magazines, watching for upcoming game releases, and certainly, spending innumerable hours playing games. When they are not doing any of these things, they are wishing they were.

Video Games Can Hurt Relationships - There's often a straight connection with the quantity of time spent playing these video games, and the quantity of time spent engaging in a good relationship. I believe there is a little to be said about people who spend the bulk of their free time playing video games. My supposition is that they are perhaps not pursuing a significant correlation in their free time

Video Games Can Be Distracting - Avid gamers are related to people who smoke a lot of marijuana, in that they do not acquire much done. Scripting an article, reading a nice book, etc. are simply not a main concern when it comes to getting to the subsequent level or finishing a game (Vorderer, 2006). Many gamers have things they would like to do in life, but they never get around to it, since they spend so much of their instance playing games.

In addition, players make progress in their language skills. Some video games may give players with different words that they have to know in order to achieve something in the game. As a result, the vocabulary of team members may enhance as a result of playing such kinds of games. Video games widen our sight of thoughts. That is, the creativeness of players may be improved by playing such type of video games. They often make their own games with latest technology that provides them to make use of their own music and visual model (LaMothe, 2006). This may let them to motivate their intelligence and thinking processes in order to produce highly structured scenarios involved in complicated video games. Although console-based games are very popular and have many advantages, there are also disadvantages to playing console-based games. Your console-based gaming system cannot be used to do a variety of other tasks, like a computer is. If you want to play against other players through an online connection, you may need to pay additional fees (Vorderer, 2006). There may be fewer options for games that can be played on the type of system you have, particularly if you want to play online.


To sum up, kids are now spending more time on playing video games due to the growth and advancement of the modern world. As per researches, video games are not having only intellectual advantages, but also physical ones as well. It can one side work as an exercise, maintaining us fit, while it also assists improving a number of skills like language, social and visual skills (Montfort, 2009). On the other hand, it can ease stress and give better mood. Moreover, video games broaden our view of imagination in which it enhances our creativity. 

Buy custom Video Game Consoles essay

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