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Two main forms of tutoring that exist in the teaching profession, which are aimed at assisting students to achieve their academic ambitions. These are the long term tutoring and the short-term tutoring. The long-term tutoring is the kind of learning in which students attend classes for the whole semester. In this case, the students have the opportunity to interact with their tutor for period that may exceed twelve weeks. Short-term tutorial on the hand deals with the kind of learning in which students only spend their learning period to cover only four weeks mostly during their summer holidays (Woolf, 2008). This kind of learning is sometimes known as a crash program. Both categories of learning programs have benefits and setbacks. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the learning that takes place for over a semester is more beneficial than the four-week summer clinical program.

Literature review

The success of this study will depend on the analysis of previous researches done on this topic. The ideas shared by the authors will build a good basis for the understanding of this topic and facilitate the description and the identification of the best learning technique between the short-term and the long-term tutoring. Edward Gordon in his book “Peer tutoring: a teacher's resource guide” provides important instructional methods to teachers on the best methods that they can ape in order for them to improve their critical-thinking abilities and skills in the learning (Gordon, 2005). The author is able to do this by providing a well-designed tutoring program that can be used to conduct a meaningful assessment and evaluation for a particular learning program that is employed. According to the author, the long-term tutorial is beneficial in the sense that it provides enough for teachers and students to interact thereby increasing the efficiency of their learning. The author also identifies that, a long-term tutoring provides an ample time for students to ask questions in class in the area of their study unlike the short-term tutoring where students are engaged in a fast learning process. When this is done, students can be able to improve their grades with time (Gordon, 2005).

“Building intelligent interactive tutors: student-centered strategies for revolutionizing e-learning”, is book by Beverly Woolf where discusses what the advent of computers has affected the culture of learning. The author spends good time to discuss the educational systems that facilitate knowledge acquisition by student through adaptation. According to the author, long-term learning is advantageous because students have enough time to adapt to the learning environment and perfect learning skills (Woolf, 2008). This will always improved performance in comparison to the short-term tutoring. One of the ways identified in the learning environment is the interactions amongst the students, possibility of forming discussion groups, and availability of time to consult the tutor (Woolf, 2008). This is contrasted with the short-term tutoring where students usually have limited time to interact and therefore cannot adapt to the learning environment. The short-term tutoring is therefore disadvantageous to some students who may be slow learners.


It is clear that both types of tutoring have their own merits and demerits. We are able to point out clearly that long-term tutoring is advantageous because it provides enough time for students to interact academically with their tutors. Additionally, the students have enough time to adapt to the new learning environment and this has been identified to benefit the students who are usually slow learners (Gordon, 2005). The learning period that extends up to twelve weeks enables to learn systematically and students can be able to improve their academic performance (Woolf, 2008). This contrasts the short-term tutoring where students have limited time to check where their academic performances are heading. This makes one easy to fail in the short-term tutoring.  

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