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Truth can have a variety of meanings, from the condition of being the case, being accord with a particular fact or reality, being in accord with the body of real things, events, actuality, or fidelity to an original or to a standard. It is the concordance of an abstract statement with the ultimate limit towards which endless examination would have a tendency to bring scientific belief, which concordance the conceptual statement may possess by virtue of the confession of its inaccuracy and one-sidedness, and this confession is an indispensable element of truth (Chaffee, 2000).

One of the important themes in the literature on truth is its connection to meaning, or more generally, to language. This has proven an important application of ideas about truth, and an important issue in the study of truth itself. There have been debates in the literature over what the primary bearers of truth are. Some people argue that one can know something is true and, therefore, not an opinion if it is supported by credible reasons and proof. What is accepted as fact and, therefore, truth can change because the reasons and evidence offered in support of that fact have changed, and when reasons and evidence cease to be valid, they lose their credibility. As a result, what was once true becomes untrue (Guerin, 1992).

People frequently accept opinion as fact because they do not make attempt to scrutinize either their own thinking or that of other people, especially those individuals seen as authority figures for instance, teachers, parents, government officials, church leaders and talk-radial personalities. As a result, people blindly agree to what they have always been told or what they are now being told as being the truth. People can learn to recognize truth as opposed to belief if they are ready to take the time to scrutinize what they believe. 

Buy custom Truth essay

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