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The Culture of India

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Culture is defined as the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for something that is regarded as beautiful in arts, letters, mannerism and scholarly pursuits. Every society, community and country has its own culture. India has a very unique culture. This paper analyses indie’s culture using the Hofstede model.

India is recognized as the Republic of India in its official name (Hindi bharat). It is found in southern Asia and is one of the commonwealth nations. The Geert Hofstede analysis of India displays a large power distance society and all the other measures are moderate. This shows that India is undergoing changes. The traditional caste system that existed has been eliminated. The huge power distance count shows that the attitudes towards the caste system are still existent (Garcia and Henderson 11).

The highest Hofstede dimension is the power distance for the culture with a world position of 77 if put to the average of 56.5. This shows a high inequality in the sharing of authority and prosperity within the society. This state is not forced on people but accepted by the population as a cultural norm. It has a long term orientation dimension ranking 61 comparing to the world average of 48. This high LTO indicator shows a culture that is perseverant and parsimonious (Baumann 51).

It presents maleness ranking as the third highest Hofstede dimension at 56. The higher the country ranks in this, the greater the values between men and women. It may bring out a competitive female population although less than male population.

India`s lowest ranking is uncertainty avoidance that is at 40 that compares with the world`s 65. Here the culture might allow unstructured thoughts and situations. It is mostly Hindu, with 81% of the whole population practicing the Hindu religion. Muslim follows at 12%, Christian comes at 2% and the others form the rest 5%.

The Hofstede dimension shows a relationship mostly with the Hindu religion as the power distance, atheists in China and Muslims. All these three have a high level of power distance as correlating the highest cultural dimension within the religions. This is the Hofstede analysis of the Indian culture. 

Buy custom The Culture of India essay

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