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Religion and Ethics

There is a clear and interrelated relationship between the terms religion and ethics. Religion refers to a set of beliefs that are skewed towards a particular attribute or object. In life, there are many aspects that individuals have come to cling to and subject them to every activity that they do. They normally refer to a belief over a god or any other image that has been attributed to posses certain powers. In the present day societies, there is a variance of beliefs that people have taken into consideration (Jenkins, 2003).

The term ethics refers to a particular set of behaviour that is universally accepted in the society. This is a set of rules and norms that dictate how an individual should behave in the society. These norms are usually used to judge what is bad from what is wrong. In the present world society, it is always considered ethical to have certain methodologies of doing things so that the coming generation can benefit from what is taking place now (Hastings, 2009).

Religion and ethics are two terms that are generally related. They exemplify a set of cords that human beings in the society have taken to be acceptable and right. They moreover portray the extent to which democracy has been attained in the society. This is because of the fact that every individual is led to behave in a particular way and not the other. This will thereby enable all the members of the society to be united and be equal at all circumstances.

For the society to be religious and developed based on a particular belief, it is always critical to epitomise on particular ethical ways of doing things. This indicates the extent to which ethics are the building blocks for any form of religion in the society (Drane, 1976).

In conclusion, any moral conduct is geared towards a set of norms that have been taken to be right and to bring good to the society. Ethics are very fundamental before the establishment of any religion in any society.

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