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Records Management System Requirements

There has been recent developments in the deployment of systems putting into equation the web accessibility that is required of most modern systems. There are governance, retention and procedures that are desired. In order to be at par with the compliance rules and regulations which are becoming strict by the day, and also the need to show complexity in the design and the structure of the systems that are to be developed. Management Systems are invaluable in the way the businesses manage their information; most of this information are stored in files, and e-mails. Although there is a lot to be desired in the use of automated systems, there are still a lot of functionalities that have not been realized in traditional systems; the scale of their adoption is still not promising.

Alfresco Systems

  1. This is a system that meets the standards of today’s automation systems. It has the following features:
  2. This system has a capture system which enables the users to capture many records from different locations and sources. With the help of the Alfresco RM solution it enables the system to capture the records a fresh from different kinds of simple to use interfaces.
  3. Also it has a web-based client that enables the users to access from any position. It allows the users to declare, upload and maintain the corporate records through web browsers interface. With the increase in web applications in the world today there is still more to be expected. The current trends of leveraging of technology to bring about maximum outcome from these new technologies. There are new technologies that are being used to increase productivity in companies. What is more, the current wave of Web 2.0 technologies has great potential and companies are realigning their processes to tap from the Internet technology. There are many companies which have adopted the technologies which come with the use of the Internet.
  4. Has the IMAP email protocol that enables all the IMAP compliant email application to gain access to the repository of the e-mail applications (Wasson, 2005). There is a folder that is set in data center of Alfresco RM. The users will access their emails by pulling them from the repository and placing them in their local folders. By doing this, they are in a position to get access without using corporate email management systems that are in place.
  5. There is also the ability for the company that is using this management system from Alfresco RM to manipulate the metadata that comes with it. There is the use of the information that is found in the system to pre-populate the records and the information that is found in the system. This capability enables the users to reduce the time that is needed to declare new records.
  6. Control management. There is a need for systems to provide their users the flexibility of managing some of the controls. They have the right to manage the lifecycle of the records and know what to do with certain records. This is a functionality that is desirable with many systems. There is need for the system to allow the users to access the records based on a laid down plan. The records should allow auto-numbering.
  7. The systems should have a simple dashboard which will allow the users to screen the records. There should be an easy way of resolving the exceptions that is seen in the system.
  8. Above all, there should a search functionality within the system so that the users can easily search for files and phrases without much struggle. The search functionality will be of paramount importance in this case given the fact that the system deals with record management and since there will be a lot of records in the system, the search functionality will be easy to manage (Glover, D., Sarma, & Overbye, 2008). The Alfrosec RM comes with the search functionality which has been helpful for many people that use systems from this company.
  9. There should be a good plan to dispose the records when they are no longer required. Alfresco RM has this functionality and is effective. The archiving plan that is adopted by Alfrosec RM complies with the universal requirements of archiving. The systems from this company also enable easy conversion of the files to formats that can be retained for a long time (Gupta,  2008). What is more, the importing of the archives is a good feature that makes this system worth investing for.
  10. The technology that this system is built on is that of open source. It is built on open source technologies and therefore runs on both proprietary and technology stacks. The technologies that are supported today by this system are discussed in the sections that follow. The server operating system used includes Linux operating systems, Microsoft Windows and Unix Operating systems. There is he right versions that are developed for each of these systems. It employs open source databases which include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL server and Oracle. The application servers that is commonly used in this system for their web development include Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere and third application combinations which include Wamp and Lamp. It also supports a lot of authentication procedures and the common authentication include Active Directory LDAP, NTLM, OpenLDAP, Sun One Server director and the commonly used Kerberos. Some of the browsers that should be supported, and fortunate enough, supported by this management system from Alfrosec RM include Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari. The client operating systems that are in this system include the common one from Linux and Microsoft Windows. There are plans to develop an iMac version of this.

Cost of the system

The Records Management System of Alfrosec RM is cloud based and thus the cost is bound to reduce. This is because the application that should be installed will only be that one which will be hosted by the server. The client machines will be accessing the server applications and will then be running the terminal parts. The hardware that will be used and which will be critical will be the server and the terminal machines that are to be installed. There are also the racks that will e used to store the server. All these will cost $10000. This is cheap when compared to the other setup where the server setup will cost approximately 13000 USD. There will be the purchase of the client machines which will cost about 600 USD per client machines. The other peripheral devices will cost approximately 5000USD. The main advantage of using Alfrosec RM is the fact that it is based on the cloud which is expected to be a private cloud tailored for the company itself.

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