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Professional Radiation treatment of patients (2002) defines radiotherapy as the treatment of diseases using ionizing radiation. This form of treatment is mainly associated with patients suffering from cancer and some non malignant diseases. Another form of radiation treatment called endovascular therapy is done to patients of restenosis arteries following coronary arterial angioplasty. In all radiation treatment, diagnosis and treatment is only done at certain limits and not all the treatment process like in other diagnostic fields. This is mainly the case as radio active emissions are usually powerful and cause some health complications.

A radiotherapist is an allied health professional who work in the field of radiation oncology. Equipments used by radiotherapists should be advanced and meet the international health standards as their emissions should not in any way leak to the environment as they can make the worst pollutions when exposed,( Rachael and  Rubinoff, et al  2002). A radiotherapist should therefore be very professional qualified to his /her job and should ensure that they use advanced equipments. Just like any other medical field health ethics should be highly observed by a radiotherapist. Responsibility to themselves, their patients and people they are handling should be shown in a professional way.

In terms of health care delivery, a radiotherapist is supposed to be efficient and quick to respond especially when unusual changes starts to occur to a patient after undergoing the therapy excise, (Rita, K 2003). They need to be there for their patients during the entire therapy process. This is mainly involving as some therapy may take as long as 10 hours. If that is the case with your patient, you need to be there for those hours. This has to do with monitoring as the radiation rays produced by radio active equipments are always very reactive and risky to handle. When left alone to the patient, the patient might mishandle them or the radiotherapists might not notice some complication changes. (Dr Keating, S 2000)

Radiotherapy is expensive compared to other therapy.  Radiotherapists are therefore faced with the responsibility of reviving patients lost hope as is always sought when it is felt that other treatment cannot work. The radiotherapists has therefore to be sincere and genuine, anything not possible should be communicated to the patient. The patient should also be respected and given any form of recognition demanded from that patient, (Dr Keith, J 1999).

To be accountable to their job, any radiotherapists have to be registered under surgery and   clinical board. This will allow the bodies affiliated to them   to keep a strong database about them and to monitor them whenever they are to avoid mediocre personnel as this field is a bout saving the lives of many. Simple logistics like positioning of the body of a patient and the explanations given out in terms of benefits and risks should all be taken care of well. A radiotherapist is therefore needed to be so professional and accountable in their day to day life. (Diamandis, 2002).     In any medical field, the medical practionaire needs to be properly trained to avoid them doubting themselves on how to go about their professions. Radio active needs more of this training. It’s upon the responsibility of a radiotherapist to undergo both professional training and educational polishing for them to help convince the patients to either make decisions regarding it or rejection of a therapy exercise. Professional seminars are always held each year by radiotherapy acquaintances. It is upon the responsibility of a trained radiotherapist to attend those seminars (Yvan, B 1972).

Ethics are moral responsibilities as regulated by professional standards to guide any professional in their day to day business. Radiotherapists have to strictly observe ethics related to their professions. Any ethic has to begin with personal respect and responsibility to themselves before others. For personal respect, radiotherapists have to carry themselves well at a place of work. Simple things like not smoking inside the theatre, dress not to rise suspicion to patients are simple things that when not given attention would jeopardize the radiotherapists or the patients. Respect should therefore be shown to the patient. For laboratory work, ensure you have lab court on top of official attires we put on. (Onyango Ouma, Ethics, 2006).

Informed consent should be practiced. Before you do any form of radiation, the patients must be given accurate and elaborative explanation stating clearly the risks involved and benefits to be gotten from the process. If the benefits outweigh the risks you have to leave the patient to have consent before anything is done. Confidentiality and anonymity should be observed in handling given information on a patient. That information should never be shown to anyone neither can the name of the person diagnosed be revealed to anyone. Any ethical decision made must comply with the ethics observed and clear regulations accompanying those decisions.

Radiotherapists have much ethical responsibility just like surgeons. They have to respect human life, respect their profession, and respect themselves and their patients. Susan, G, K, (2010) argues that radiotherapists have the humble responsibility of saving the world from what it thought could not be saved.

Buy custom Radiotherapists essay

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