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Organizational Values

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Values are traits or qualities considered worthwhile; they represent an individual's highest priorities and deeply held driving forces like individuals, organizations also have values. Values exist in every work place .Organizational values can be described as the up to standard ways which administer the behavior of individuals within the organization. Values also indicate the aspects of work considered to be of great importance to the functioning of the organization.

Organizational values must be in line with the organizational mission and vision .In smaller co-located organizations; individual behavior is more visible than in large disparate ones .This is because the need to articulate values is reduced in smaller ones as unacceptable behaviors are openly challenged. Values are grouped into clusters of value types defined on the McCann Window on Work Values. These include authority, individualism, compliance, conformity, equality, empowerment and independence .For a live   value system, frequent communication and refreshing of values   is vital. Confronting contradictory behaviors by ensuring that feedback is given to those who don’t live out organizational values.

An alignment between organizational values and personal values greatly impact on the functioning of an individual and client outcome. Lack of congruence breeds problems (Branson, 2008).The ' nursing environment is no different. This setting is defined by organizational distinctiveness that can either constrain or facilitate professional nursing practice. The following factors influence nurse engagement and patient outcomes; quality of leadership and management, staffing resources, workload, job stress and anxiety, team work and effective communication.

Nurses as per the National League for Nursing should possess the following values; caring, integrity, diversity and excellence. When organizational values are in alignment with individual with individual nurse values, a healthy work environment is created. In this environment are places where safe and high quality nursing care is expected and rewarded. This organization also has standardized processes in place, have staff empowerment, strong leadership and recognize the strategic decision making authority Nurses should be able to reconcile he differences between organizational values and their personal and professional identities .Greater professional fulfillment may be experienced by nurses if strategies that promote autonomous practice environment are implemented.

Personally, I have had a chance to work in an unhealthy nursing environment .Unhealthy work environments can have adverse consequences on the quality of care delivered as well as the nurses intention to quit the profession. In that health facility, there was unequal distribution of nurses. This increased my stress, workload and adversely impacted patient outcome since there was no ample time to attend to them.

In a nursing environment, communication is vital. Other healthcare systems fail to recognize potential hazards presented by lack of proper communication there increasing the risk of errors (Chassin, Galvin & National Roundtable n Health Care Quality, 1998; Domer, 1996; Morath, 2001.)  Effective communication involves transmitting messages in a manner that is clear, articulate and effective. Effective clinical practice involves many instances where critical information must be accurately communicated(Arrow ,McGrath& Berdahl,2000;Nelson & Betalden,2000).Lack of effective communication by health care workers puts the patient's safety at risk for several reasons ;lack of critical information, misinterpretation of information, unclear orders over the telephone and over looked change status.

Effective communication leads to improved information flow, more effective interventions, improved safety and enhanced employee morale. With good communication skills ,an individual is able to make other employees adapt to his values .With an understanding of basic components of communication such as the medium, message, speaker ,listener, feedback, inference and context enables one acquire effective communication techniques which include effective speaking and listening, feedback, alert on nonverbal signals, emotional effect, assertiveness and conflict resolution.

A nurse can use effective communication techniques to influence the values of other nurses, be effective in problem solving processes in the organization and profession. The individual should be familiar with abroad range of topics and possesses sensitivity to the interests of listener. The use of precise terminology is most effective in promoting collegial environment .When approached by a colleague  with a problem ,I took time to  listen to them clearly before responding .Rushing through the conversation and only partially listening to what they say results in lack of awareness about their problem and they end up feeling that   there  is no point coming tome with issues .When communicating one has to be assertive .Be able to express their ideas while at the same time respecting the rights of others They should speak clearly ,calmly and directly to those whom they are addressing .The individual should also dissociate his emotional stress when dealing with colleagues .With these and   many other qualities ,one is able to effect change smoothly. Overall communication is core integrate attribute of all nursing care delivery models (Anthony, 1998).

Buy custom Organizational Values essay

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