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Notes taking help to record relevant facts and ideas while at the same time help to prevent plagiarism. It provides for proper referencing of research work and full information required in a reference page. Through note taking, I can be able to merge my own ideas and those of the journals or researchers. Notes have many advantages in research writing as well as it way paraphrasing and summarizing. This clearly provides the author and page number in the notes.  

The advantages of notes taking are that it helps in citation of other writer’s work, and thus, aid to prevent a case where plagiarism occurs. To prevent plagiarism, I must study and carefully write notes. Writing notes compels to consider about my research. The procedure slows me down adequately to incorporate the ideas the other writer is trying to put across. Notes also help in eliminating the irrelevant information. This also aids to prevent direct quotation and give confidence to me to summarize more. Notes taking help to prevent me from confusing my own words and opinion with those of other researchers, unlike cutting and pasting, where a writer does not have a clear picture when cutting and pasting. Careful notes taking, helps me to see clearly how the piece of information I am writing relate to what other writers have researched about the same topic. Also, how the piece of information integrates well with the points I am trying to put across.

The strategy of note taking helps in a clear understanding the main points provided by a given author or journal. This aids in research writing and analyzing the arrangement of the argument other researchers provides. It also helps me in comprehending of an author’s objective and argument. Thus, I am in a position of providing timely topical research while incorporating my own ideas. 

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