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Look What They've Done to My Song

Music is an important aspect of human life and human development especially when it comes to mirroring the culture that develops in the society through time. Michael Budds, a professor of music history and literature intended to show how the fast track of time actually affected the fast pace changes that occur in music at present. Understandably, through citing some researches and examples of the evolution of music through time, Budds tries to introduce how music has actually adapted to the changes that the entire society is facing at present.

For the first sections of the discussion, Budds tries to describe how the current generation faces a great challenge of living a life of morality amidst the persuasive messages of music that is heard constantly today. The expressions of self-worth and individualism that imposes on the concern less given to the welfare of others practically dominate the music creations released today in the market. Defining how music has increased the tolerance of the human society about things that are taboo and unnaturally immoral, Budds insists how this element that affects the entire society actually turned things around especially in the aspect of restructuring the society’s understanding of what is right and what is wrong.

To further strengthen his argument, Budds tried to use several respectable resources to present the facts that he ought to show his readers. One source he used is that of the Time Magazine and an article found in the reading material that describes how the current status of music actually restructures the vision of the society over morality. Most often than not, Budds used the comparison approach that intend to depict the past from that of the present influence music makes to the society.

Back then in the 1950’s towards the 1960’s Budds insists on the existence of romantic love songs that filled the air. Back then, music was a source of relaxation and an expression of genuine feeling of love. Undoubtedly, it could be realized that somehow, the analysis of Budds with regards music and how it redefines the human society reflects how important it is to choose the music that each individual listens to. Usually featuring violence, rebellion and sexual promiscuity, music at present never cease to influence the thinking of the young generation towards these current issues of concern. The specific attention placed upon the production of music that insists on the culture that most young people embrace today affect the entirety of the social status that they choose to live in.

To summarize the entire selection, Budds chose to present how music is indeed one of the most influential matters in the society today. The rhythm, the notes and especially the lyrics specifically create a new notion of seeing how life is progressing as well as facing the challenge of degrading morals among human individuals. Believing that music is a force that could control the thinking of the people suggests the fact that it should be best controlled. Through choosing the right music to hear, it could be noted how listeners could actually make a way out of the moral misery that the society is actually wallowing in at present. Believably, giving the musicians a cue to create music that identifies character apart from lawlessness is seen to have an effective turnaround towards the things that are occurring at present. Yes, as Budds places it, music is influential, but how it affects people and their lives directly depends on how they would perceive each musical arrangement as part of their living. True, the person listening is still the one who is in control. 

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