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Learning Styles

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Learning is an important part of anyone’s life. It involves the process of receiving information and digesting it so that we can come up with conclusions that are meant to increase our knowledge. Learning styles therefore are the processes through which we are able to learn best. It involves a set of conditions favorable to ones learning needs. These conditions vary from one individual to another; we are all made different in many ways (Tileston, 2005, p. 1-3). This paper will therefore look into the various learning methods that exist namely, visual learning, audio learning and tactile/kinesthetic learning.

As discussed above different individuals prefer different learning methods in order to receive and understand information best. The first to be discussed will be the visual learning and those who learn best within this learning style will be referred to as visual learners. These individuals therefore process information best through seeing or using their eye sight. They prefer to look directly at the tutor or lecturer in order to see their body language and visual expressions in order to understand the information being presented to them. They attach meaning to these expressions and therefore create a connection with the information being dispersed. They also tend to be very observant and keen to note any changes in the tutor’s expressions. These students tend to seat in front of the class so as to avoid any obstruction. This is because they want to see all that is being shared in terms of teaching aides and audio visuals in the class. These students process the information better when the same information is presented in the form of graphs and images or better still audio visuals. The same students also prefer to take detailed and precise notes in order to fully understand the lesson being presented before them (Pritchard, 2009, p. 41-45).

Auditory learning is the other preferred method of acquiring information. Auditory learners tend to be better listeners in class. To them information may be meaningless unless it has been read out loud for them to hear. These students will benefit from verbal lecturers and group discussions where they have participated and have heard various points of views from the other students.  This is because they attach meaning to the tone of voice, the pitch used during the lecture and the speed used during the lecture. Their choice is therefore group discussions where peers seat together and exchanged varied views on the various lectures attended. These students will therefore be seen carrying tape recorders to class so that they can listen to the lecture once more in their free time because they like what has been referred to as ‘sequence repetition’. They also tend to read out loud when it comes to written information so that they can listen to themselves (Pritchard, 2009, p. 41-45).

Tactile or the kinesthetic learning is simply learning by doing things, through touching or through moving objects through and through. These individuals prefer hands on approach towards learning. To them seating for long periods of time attending lectures may be boring and therefore you will notice them fidgeting or constantly walking out of class room for one reason or another this is because they prefer a practical approach rather than listening and taking notes. The most learning will take place when they are physically exploring the issues being discussed in class. They love touching and feeling or experiencing the issues being learned. Such students will do well during practicals or simulation exercise as they get the real feel of the situation. Theories and other non physical leaning processes will therefore have little impact to them (Pritchard, 2009, p. 41-45).

In conclusion, as discussed above learning is the process of getting and processing the accrued information in order to increase knowledge. There are various methods or styles of learning. Visual learning is where an individual prefers to learn through seeing. Such individuals will do best in the presence of various visual aids such as pictures and graphs. Auditory learners are the opposite as they are good listeners. To them the most learning takes place while they are listening to lectures or recordings of past lectures. Finally there is the kinesthetic leaner or the tactile learner. These students prefer a practical approach to learning. To the learning takes place through the actual experiencing of the issues being discussed in class or lectures. All in all, though many may prefer a particular method of learning, most lectures and tutors tend to use a combination of all these approaches in order to impact their students further. 

Buy custom Learning Styles essay

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