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Higher Education in Britain

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A report by Goddard of Newcastle University indicates that higher education in Britain is a centre for knowledge, acquisition that gives permanent impact and specific goals to the citizens of Britain and those from other regions. He argued that, higher education is an enterprising field always valued as precious. The main role is to have the needs of an adoptable and sustainable knowledge based needs served at all levels. Professor Robert Reich, the former United States secretary of labour stated that the strength of any republic lies in the manpower of its citizens. However not all manpower are resourceful. Those enriched with knowledge and innovative sills makes a nation grow more successfully than those not empowered in any way. Education is therefore a basic weapon towards empowerment of the human resource a nation needs to grow. According to Reich higher education is the centre of all innovative and innovation skills.

These words were echoed by the Britain government in 1995, through the minister of education and culture Harriet Lindeman. In her famous bill, ‘education, a cultural development process for entrepreneurship’. Education system of Britain has always given a very positive competitive and prestigious implication to both the Britons and the world as a whole. Many institutions like Liverpool University has taken the chance to go global in terms of service provision making them reach the millennium development goal of education for all. The expectation in terms higher education standards, organization and funding in Britain shown by other nations and Britons themselves has always been high. This is mainly because Britain developed its education sector long before many nations had liberated themselves from the colonial rule. Being a colonial master it has always served as a good example to her colonies.  Many nations rely on their master to have education framework that could see gender balance in terms of excelling on the whole culture of creating an elite society, Reich 2008.

As a way of ensuring education to all, Britain through its higher education financing program has helped enrich students with little financial capacity. In ensuring flexibility and dynamism in accommodating changing world trends the government has formed several committees to review policies related to higher education funding program. According to the latest review by Lord Browne, on the future of higher education funding, much should be provided by the government and universities in funding students and their academic programs, Browne 2010. 

The expectation by students has always never felt shot of what is attained. However, that by universities and the educational funding trust has always been higher than what is provided by the government. For instance in the latest review by Lord Browne, many universities complained of channelling many cash meant for research purpose to student funding of tuition work. Their point of concern is how will this tuition help grow their research department. Funding trust organizations have also shown concerns of having too much to provide in terms of giving education bursary, yet they are supposed to be shared by the government. This concerns and debates have however never jeopardized higher learning in Britain.

The implications shown by Britain to both the international and local community in higher education funding to students is very positive. Many nations have followed the footsteps of Britain and would always want to copy their educational policies to compete well in a global economy. In Africa for instance, Rwanda adopted Britain style in 2000, which they felt was the Best in the world

Buy custom Higher Education in Britain essay

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