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Health Care

Health care profession remains one of the most admired careers. They play a vital role in the societies allover the world. There are a couple of factors which affect the industry both negatively and positively. One of the current trends is the increasing number of knowledgeable consumers. They participate in the decisions taken on their care. Nurses must be ready to counter challenges from these patients and provide their services in a different way.

Another challenge includes availability of alternative therapies and mapping care. There is an increase in number of people using the alternative therapies, which are becoming popular. There is an increasing diversity of our patients. Nurses are challenged to understand a diversity of multicultural patients and know how to provide care for a complex clientele (McNally et, al 2010).

Technological explosion is another factor that challenges the entire health care industry. In the near future, electronic record keeping will replace the traditional paper work. In order for this to be successful, nurses and workers in the medical industry must be computer literate.

Another factor impacting on healthcare industry is the shortage of health care practitioners. In July 2006, a survey conducted in US indicated that more than 50 percent of nurses intend to retire between 2011 and 2020 and yet there are no enough nurses being recruited.

Online courses dedicated to nurses and health care professionals are good news to the professionals who are busy. This will help them to explore new avenues and more knowledge on top of what they have. Other factors affecting health care industry are increase or decrease in population growth, epidemics and disasters (Broderick et, al 2003).

Where there population growth, there need to be increased number of health professionals. These tremendous growths and decreases have direct impact on health care jobs. Outbreaks of contagious diseases affect quite large areas. There is need to obtain enough qualified professionals to take of the affected patients. Out breaks happens suddenly and give no space for planning. An increased number of medical professionals is required for this situation.

If you observe these factors keenly, you will realize even if they might affect the industry negatively they still have a good side of them. These challenges often open up the minds of these professionals and they stand in a better position to help patients whenever their services are needed. Thus, healthcare industry is one of the best employers in the today’s world (Brown, et al 1999).

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