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Ethical Standards Applied

Whenever a conflict occurs, there is always a quest for a resolution in order to restore human order.  Not all the people who take part in conflict resolution are trained for that and it’s not necessary that all the trained personnel will handle this process while duly observing all the set Codes of Ethics and Standards.  The discussion below samples a number of ethical issues that can be put into consideration in the process of conflict resolution.  The examples will be drawn from Darfur war.

Truth in advertising

Maiese (2004) identifies truth in advertising as one of the key Codes of Ethics in conflict resolution.  She points out that all professionals concerned should, through advertisement commit themselves to what is achievable within their means and should desist from creating unrealistic expectations to the parties in the conflict. I totally agree with this for as far as conflict is concerned, there will be a number of expectations from the parties involved, some of which might be unrealistic or unachievable. A mediator might be forced to come up with an untrue promise just to calm the warring groups but in the long run achieve nothing, or even worsen the situation.   The fact the government continued to support the largely Arab nomad Janjaweed militia and that Darfurians were threatened with death and subjected to racial epithets during attacks is a major complication to the conflict. It is very tough for a single mediator to come up with a holistic solution. (Reitz, Wall & Love, 1998)

Misuse of Mandates.

In the course of conflict resolution, it is possible for mediators to misuse their powers or ability bestowed upon them. Great care is needed here as the results of this can complicate the situation further. For instance, when the Sudanese government supports the Janjaweed Militia, it heightens the unfairness and helps to regenerate the war. (Muriithi, 2009)


In conclusion, the list of ethical issues to be considered is non-exhaustible. Whichever the situation a mediator finds themselves in, rationality and fairness should always prevail. More research needs to be done on these issues as conflicts are erupting day in day out with new challenges. 

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