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Electronic Job Search and Report


The above site provides many types of jobs. The site is easy to use (2 out of 10) because it offers a wide range of search criteria. The jobs available among others are; Psychology Adjunct Instructor jobs and Director of Psychology/Forensic Coordinator. Typical qualifications are; a PhD or Masters in clinical psychology in APA accredited program with 2 to 5 years working experience. The site has quick and easy search and offers a wide range of variety of psychology jobs. However a significant amount of the jobs are located in the US and don‘t have any travel and relocation arrangements.


The site provides information and jobs. It is easy to use (2 out of 10). Several tabs are used to make a job search faster. Most of the positions are Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists and Professors. Most jobs require applicants with either a doctorate or PhD in Clinical Psychology or any related field with 2 to 7 years working experience. The site has easy search for jobs based on their location and offers psychology jobs in many sectors, like governments, NGO’s and private sector. Most jobs are from the US and do not provide travel and relocation assistance. Minimum qualification is a PhD.


The site provides psychology jobs in schooling institutions. It provides easy search for jobs.  Qualifications include; masters or PhD mostly in clinical psychology. There are many opportunities in different places.  However the jobs are in the US and in institutions of learning.


Available are a wide range of job opportunities. Easy search (3 out of 10). It provides for different search criteria. The jobs are in Canadian institutions of learning. Qualifications included; graduate and master’s degree in the relevant field with 2 to five years of working experience. Site has easy search and many jobs available. The site has very exciting job opportunities. However job opportunities are from Canada and don’t offer travel and relocation assistance for people from other countries.

The most interesting job was Director of Psychology/Forensic Coordinator. This job gives the opportunity for advancement and great experience.

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