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Defining Love

All good things such as speech-making, knowledge, compassion, aptitude and hope will go by but love is unfathomable and eternal, it will never come to an end.


Love as brought out in the bible is a very important virtue. It is a virtue that requires one to be self disciple in order to practice it. The biblical love is something different from lust. It is not greedy and manifests itself with a lot of care and tenderness. It does not discriminate whom to favor and whom not to. Love in the scripture is patient. It does not rush. It is not quick but acts slowly.


The biblical love is agape love. It is kind and does not lie. It is trustworthy and ready to give. It is hopeful and enduring. The description of love in the scriptures fits God`s love to human beings and should be the love that we should have for each other and for God. The bible puts forward that this unconditional love is more important than anything else in the world (Moseley 183).

This is so because it will be the basis of eternal love. When Jesus was asked to say the greatest commandment, he said that human beings are supposed to love their God with all their heart, with all their soul and with their entire mind. He also said that the second most important decree is for people to love their neighbors the way they love themselves. He said that all commandments were dependant of the two most important commandments (Moseley 187).


Therefore biblical love is not jealous, not boastful; it is not arrogant, rude, selfish or angry. This kind of love is only possible through prayer, faith and trust in God. It is only the command of God by the use of the Holy Spirit which makes man relate with another with love. This love is the love of God. It is pure and sincere. 

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