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Buddhism is a kind of religion that composes teachings on practices and beliefs as well as traditions which are basically attributed to Siddhartha Gautama who is also known as the Buddha. The name means the awakened one. Buddha was born in India in the 5th century to an elected chieftain (Siddartha 18). In other hand, Theravada states that Buddha was born in Lumbini and was brought up in Kapilavastu He resided at the north Eastern subcontinent of India where he also taught as well. He lived during the 6th and 4th centuries. The Buddhist attributes him as an informed and awakened teacher who shared his wisdom to the less privileged people to help them terminate strive towards nirvana, terminate suffering and shun the assumed recurring suffering process. (Venerable 48). There are two major known branches of the Buddhism. These are Theravada which means the school of elders and Mahayana which stands for the great vehicle. Between the two branches, Theravada is the oldest and had spread widely to areas like the southern parts of Asia and Sri Lanka. .however, both of these branches are found all over the world today. In literal terms, sutra means a line or thread that connects various things together. The is a number of various people who contributed information of the Buddhist Sutra (Robin 54).

After the birth of The Buddha, an astrologer who visited the Buddha’s father gave a prophesy that he would grow up to be a famous king or a holy man depending on what he would prefer. His father leaned mostly on the possibility of him becoming a great king. When he was 29 years, he explored the other areas of their nation and came to know the sufferings that were being underwent by the low class people. He once came across an old or a sick man, a lifeless body and a religious man (Siddhartha 53). These are the facts that triggered the desire to a holy life leading. The Buddhism talks of Karma. This is described as the action that controls the rebirth and suffering cycle for each person. It teaches that the good and bad actions containing skills within them give birth to “seeds “inside the mind which bears fruits either during this life or later in the other kind of life. The restraining from positive construction of ideas Buddhism                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         is referred to as sila. The bodily actions, its speech and mind actions are the ones that produce a certain result rather than the outward results of the same.

Loving others as we love ourselves

You can not be pardoned for the results of your own sins. There are some Mahayana traditions that offer different views about this. Such Mahayana’s include the Lotus Sutra, the Nirvana Sutra and the Angulimaliya sutra. If you listen to or meditate about their contents can cause major elements of negative karma. Reciting the mantras will help you stop former negative karma. In addition, Buddha is capable of preventing you against any thing capable of leading you into Samsara. If you show Love towards others, this will lead to Amida helping others evade bad omens (Stevens 89).


One has to pass through the rebirth process during lifetime successions since conception time until death time the Buddhist religion opposes the concepts of unchanging souls or ever living soul as known to Christians. Buddhism believes that there can’t be existence when one is detached from the universe as written by Annata. Rebirth is the recurring of a dynamic transforming process of dependent arising with dependence on the law of cause and effect (Siddartha 78). Beings are truncated from a certain existence to the other. Every rebirth occurs within any of the five reasons as given out by the Theravada or among the six reasons as outlined by other schools that contributed to the Buddha Sutra. The Naraka beings are for those who dwell in any of the Narakas. In preta, living beings share space with the universal things which are not seen by beings (Stevens 89). A hungry ghost steps in as a [art of this. Rebirth in animals consists of space sharing with humans although this is seen as another kind of life. In human beings, rebirth   realms showed that achieving of Nirvana was possible. Asuras refers to ungodly things like demons, low deities and titans that are not known to the traditions of Theravada. Devas are translate to gods, angels, deities or are left untranslated. There is interdependence of various things. Each thing exists due to the presence of another living thing.

Teaching about life

You should express great regard towards the lives of all living beings. Even animals have the right to live just like humans. If you kill minute insects like ants and mosquitoes, you will be violating Buddha’s’ command on respect towards life. Instead, we should show love and kindness towards them. Expressing love towards animals includes activities like entitling them to a free- from -harm –environment. You should also not tamper with the earth and its surroundings, such surroundings are like the air in the environment it as well as the rivers within it.  You should also Show love towards other things that exists in our surrounding. (Anil 101).                                            

Teaching about stealing

You should not steal from your fellows human beings. Stealing from your friend is like stealing from your self. You are supposed to learn how to show great care to those things that belong to you and also those that belong to the public. At the end of the day, all the things are beneficial to everybody within the world. If you love your neighbors, you will not dare steal from them and you will take great care of other people’s properties (Anil 122).                                           

Teaching about sex

You should conduct good and responsible conduct of sex attributes respect towards your own self and towards others as well. You should regard your own human bodies as precious gifts from your dear parents and so you should defend them from any kind of harm. As a youth, you are supposed to uphold integrity of high degrees. If you abide by this, we would be helping in converting the world to a far much better place to be in. As a husband, your respect towards your wife and vice versa leads to you having a happy family. You should show love to your body and other people’s bodies by not abusing them sexually (Edmond 194).

Teaching about telling lies

You should not tell lies to others. Peace in the world comes along if you and your friends are honest to one another. If you are entangled in disputes with other people, you can calm down this through peaceful negotiations. You should avoid backbiting, gossips and tough words   during dispute settling. You are required to handle others with a lot of love and affection. Shun from bad ethics like gossiping others because this will lead to you being punished. (Stevens 254).

Teachings on intoxicants

If you maintain a fresh environment that is free from intoxicants which pollute it, you will be enhancing an uncontaminated and healthy body and mind.  You should not take drugs which results to contamination with your body. This will cause you to loose self control. Love towards our own bodies is so much encouraged. Do not use Intoxicants which will tend to pollute the entire environment. By so doing, you will be affecting others. Shunning the use of intoxicants shows how much you have love towards other people and your own self too (Stevens 405).

Teachings about love

It is very possible for you to conduct a happy life each and every moment. Love is regarded as the core of all beings life. Love is what unites people and it lies in hidden basis. The four kinds of love are appreciative joy, mercy, kindness and equality among all people. There is the believe that Buddhist can not survive without love.  Freedom is brought about by love. Liberation without love is not complete. Speaking with passion to other people and not disturbing them expresses love towards them. Maintaining the environment clean and unpolluted is an act of love to us and our neighbors (Edmond 25). Keeping the air clean and not polluting it a caring act to our own health and other people’s wellbeing as well. Violent actions towards others show lack of respect and love towards them. Buddha teaches about loving and being kind to others. He also argues that intruding oneself in other people’s affairs without prior consideration. Politeness always comes along with love to us and others.  According to Buddhism, it is love to face others with a smile written on our faces. Facial expressions that are appealing to others are of great importance to the state of other people.

You should not use abusive and offensive words towards others. Abusing other people leads them to unsettled states of mind. If you have love towards others, this will not give room for you to use abusive words. When you love others, you will not tire looking for exemptions from performing certain duties or privileges on any matters. In every society, there are laid down rules and ethics that you should adhere to. In a society where love abides, each person will keenly monitor their deeds so as not to end up violating the rights and freedoms of others (Gil 123).

You should adhere to two human qualities to be the main ones. These are compassion and loving kindness. Other two values are considered which are equanimity and sympathetic joy. These four are generalized as the Four Divine Abiding. You should put in mind these four aspects to be the effective ways of a good living in any human beings. Any social-related question finds an answer within these four values. You are urged to adhere to this lead to a very harmonious, tension remover, joyful and conflict free society where people have love towards others (Gil 331). Compassion can be described as the act of you being aware of your fellows suffering whereby you would wish for the suffering to end. The agony is witnessed within those people we live with and during our day to day live. You should develop mercy towards your pals, relative and colleagues when they are subjected under hard times (Anil 201).  You can show love by trying to imagine the kind of pain they are going through. Out of love you are required to encourage them by assuring them that this must come to an end after a while. Love also makes people of the entire world feel sorry for the victims of certain calamities like famine, terrorism and wars.  Compassion is the last result of love and respect towards other people despite them being of a different gender, religion, belief nationality or race from ours.  The feeling that develops within yourself when you see other people suffering is what referred to as compassion. There really exists the recurring cycle of birth and death as well as the suffering that accompanies the both. If you are a Buddhism believer, you ought to be a strong disciple of Loving-kindness.  To express your love to others, kindness, care, considering others, and wishing others well are the aspects to be considered. You should consider this more than this in expressing kindness.  You should extend loving kindness even to all living beings in the entire world without considering what harm they do to you.

Loving-kindness qualifies you to a sacred type of human being and a friend to all other humans. Possession of loving kindness makes you develop a good relation with others. Safety in a society is enhanced by loving-kindness among all people (Gil 147).

When you develop loving-kindness, is an important aspect in today’s world which is full of all sorts of destructives. Peace in the whole world is enhanced by mutual understanding among all people.


The entire teachings of the Buddhism are based on more love towards others. The Buddhism religion is the most common across East Asia with it numbering 300 million followers. However, it is mostly prevalent in Sri-Lanka, Burma and Cambodia. The followers of Buddhist in regions like China, Tibet and Mongolia have encountered great sufferings from the atheist creed of communism. Buddha insisted on considering other human beings just like our selves. Showing compassion to others and loving them are two main values that go hand to hand. To develop a serene world, compassion and loving-kind values are the core aspects to put in mind (Edmond 162).

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