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American Identity 2011

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The one thing that stands out the most is the cultural mix within the great state of USA. America therefore defines itself not by ethnics or the differences but through what can be called the true belief in life; they define themselves along their common values that binds them together and firm believe in freedom. These core values are therefore more valuable to the society and the same values are believed to go beyond gender, race and class; America has been described as a classless society by many (Fitzgerald, 2007). This article will therefore look into the society in detail with an emphasis on the immediate future.

Class is an issue in any society. In America, the society can be divided into three classes, the rich, middle class and the poor; despite the view that the society is classless. This is not to say that the issue of class is damaging but to note that these classes exist in any society. Why is America considered classless? This is because the society looks at itself using the core values stated above. Therefore the issue of class doesn’t come into the picture. This can be explained because the society has established itself not on the idea of class differences but on the idea of tolerance towards such issues. The future therefore seems to be even better just as long the American society upholds these values (Rothenberg, 2009).

Race has been a thorn in this society; of note is the Middle Eastern race and the issue of Islam. This is because the society is generally a mix of races. Fortunately they have learnt from past differences and today the same society has emerged as one on the issue of race. But there is room for improvement. This is because of inherent fears brought about by the American government exploits globally for example terrorism and Islam or the Middle Eastern society. But there is a growing understanding on the same. Islam, an example of a religion that is practiced by a certain race, is a religion that has been exploited by a few for the purposes of giving their actions a legitimate cause. The future on the issue of race is still unclear as the society seems to be divided about this. Of note is the fact that there are a lot of Middle Eastern families in the USA and they contribute greatly towards the greater good of that society (Friedman, 2003).

Gender is another issue that defines this great society. As in any society, there are differences that exist when it comes to gender. The society dictates that there are gender roles that must be observed. These differences makes us believe that some activities belong to a certain gender; the kids grow up with either dolls or toy cars, a girl child will be made to wear pink and a boy child will wear blue, these differences unfortunately shape our thoughts and believes. Of note also is the fact that these differences are being met by ensuring that the respect of each gender has been enhanced and the necessary tolerance developed in every area of the society. Women who have been the victims for quite some time now have been taking up more prominent roles and taking charge of their destinies. The future therefore holds a lot of promise. It is also within this society that gender has evolved (Rothenberg, 2009).

America is among the few societies that has up to an extent promoted same sex relations in respect to gender rights; gender in this case is meant to denote sex. The issue of same sex relations has gained prominence in this society with many diverging views. This may be the case but of importance is to understand the processes that these issues follow. The law in most cases is always upheld to indicate a sense of maturity within the society when the issues in question affect any individual (Bacher, 2004 & Rothenberg 2009). 

In conclusion, the American society has its issues that bring out a lot of differences within the society. But what matters is how the issues are handled to ensure that the needs of each individual are met. The emphasis is this article is to understand the American identity; a lot of issues could be discussed but of importance is the unity that exists in the same society no matter how many differences there are. Therefore the American identity has and still is revolving around the ability of an individual. The society will reward you for your contribution towards the greater good and not for the differences that exist. 

Buy custom American Identity 2011 essay

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