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Movie Analysis Paper

Real women have curves is a movie which was acted in the year 2002 at Los Angeles to show how the traditional Mexican women were living in America and how they were treating their daughters (Lavoo, 2003). This movie was based on a play which was written some years back. It involves an 18-year old girl who is a fresh graduate from high school, and she is trying to fight with the traditions held by the Mexican women. According to her mother, when a lady turns eighteen it is her prime time to assist the family in their daily activities and try to style-up so that she can attract men who will marry her. Her mother is trying all the means to make sure that the daughter does not proceed with education and instead she should join in household chores.

She is always complaining about her weight, and we can see her advising the poor girl to reduce her weight so that she can attract men who can marry her. This girl is proud of whom she is, and she tells her mother she is proud of how she looks like, and she is not interested to reduce her weight. Her mother notion of thinking is also proven wrong because the girl had a love affair with a young man who was admiring her. Fortunately, this girl got strong support from her sister and coworkers in her sisters business. Her teacher also encourages her to continue with education when she got a scholarship to Columbia University.

This movie portrayed a conflict between the young ladies and the old. The old ladies believed that you get married as a teen and concentrate on the family and household chores. They also believed that as a young teenager, you should not be fat so that you can attract men. The conflict is shown by how the mother of the young lady tries to urge her daughter not to show her fat body but the girl go ahead and shows her body parts and explains to her mother that she is proud of whom she is. She also goes ahead and strips through the support of the coworkers in her sisters business who also did the same to expose their secrets and show that they are proud of whom they are. Another conflict is whereby the mother does not want her daughter to attend school and she tries to feign sickness, but this did not stop her daughter from going to school. The teenage girl extends her resistance to the traditions by agreeing to join the university although her mother was totally against it and she did not bid her a goodbye when she was leaving home to the campus.

The approach to diversity exhibited in the movie reflects an exceptionalist perspective to social problems. This is because the old women of the Mexico believed that there are certain things like education which are not supposed to be offered to women. There were dogmatic beliefs in the movie such as unmarried ladies should not grow fat, teenage girls should not go to school instead they help their mothers with household chores. The old ladies were stressed because the young ones were behaving to the contrary of their traditions and expectations. The young ladies also were affected by these beliefs, and they were always portrayed to be resisting the ways of their traditions. This move can be said to relate to our course in that it is urging us not discriminate people because of their looks.

There was prejudice in the characters found in this movie. The type of prejudice found in this movie was sexism. The traditional stereotypes of gender roles were clearly shown in this movie. For instance, the old ladies believed that girls should not grow fat and should not have education. Their belief was that when girls have grown up they should get married and be involved in the family work only. In general, the old school believed that the work of a woman is to give birth and serve the family.

An exchange between characters that illustrates prejudice in this movie is where Ana’s mother tells her that she should not expose her body parts as she is fat. She is trying to show that girls should not grow fat before they get married. I wonder how they should to control this as sometimes you can grow fat naturally and despite trying any means of slimming you end up been fat than before. Ana responded by telling her mother that she is proud of whom she is, and she gets support from her sister, and other coworkers. This exchange seems to avoid how Ana’s mother was criticizing her as we could see that she gave up on the argument and left the girls do what they want. The attitude and behaviors in this movie are changing in today’s society. Women are given an equal chance of education to their men counterparts.

This movie has helped me learn that we should not discriminate others because of their looks. It also made me understand that we all have different talents, and we should support others to explore their talents. The movie also helped me to change my perspective towards fat people. I discovered that they also need our support, and they have potentials in different areas. I was able to discover hidden prejudice that fat girls are not attractive. This is not true in fact, the fat girls can be more beautiful than the slender girls. This discovery helped to appreciate all fat people around me, and I discovered they are also human beings who need appreciation like all of us.

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