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Los Angeles


Los Angeles is a city in California, USA which has been ranked as the third richest and the fifth amongst the most influential cities in the United States. The city of angels, commonly known by its acronym, LA is the home of Hollywood and the world center for entertainment. Los Angeles is not only known for entertainment but is also a reknowned business economic hub in the United States and in deed in the world. In fact, Los Angeles becomes the third in gross metropolitan products after Great Tokyo Area and New York. Another important thing to know about Los Angeles is that it has a large population which is mainly composed of mixed races. This are however not the qualities that would make one make a decision to live in a certain area. In this paper, important factors that would attract someone to live in Los Angeles are evaluated including the people that are more likely to be attracted to Los Angeles.


Los Angeles in one of the cities that admirable to live in and for various reasons, it is a unique city that has accommodated large population providing them with the best amenities possible. Los Angeles is a multiracial city living together as a family bounded together by ethics and mutual respect. And for the reason, there is various reasons to believe that Los Angeles is one of the destination that everyone would like to be associated with in the future. The city is very accommodative anyone wishing to live there for instance for business, for jobs or to study in the case of students, therefore the city offers among the best facilities both in public and also in the residential places. Despite all other small challenges that faces the city such as crimes, the city is one an outstanding destination for anyone who want to enjoy and in peaceful city.

Reasons why people live in towns

According to the trend experienced in the world current urbanization is a major direction that the world basically taking. Habitation of towns by people is basically due to the privilege that is available in the city and not found in the rural areas. Some of the basic things that push people to the cities and towns include: search jobs or doing a job in town, the good transportation network and good housing units. Families usually prefer to live in towns or cities because of the proximity of various amenities such as good schools, hospitals and the markets. Towns and cities have at least a better economic outfit as compared to the rural areas therefore people prefer searching for their economic values at the cities rather than in the rural areas. As usual in the rural areas, the activity that may probably provide economic values is land and the farming activities. For small scale farmers, they prefer that towns are better supply of consistent income. The major area that provides the best opportunities to the people living town is industries. Even though the migration in the rural areas seem beneficial to the migrants, there might be a rather imbalance in the labor market since the rural farms might be affected in terms of labor.

Cities are basically the choice of many because of the economy in there. People think that living in a town is an opportunity to get a good job and for the business oriented individuals, it is an opportunity to fetch money from a large population that is crowded in towns. Poverty also contributes to the movement of people to the towns as they try and make lives better for them and their families. Among the major factors, jobs opportunities are actually the major drivers to the migration from the rural to the urban areas. The notion about the cities has actually persuade the people living and working in the farms to focus in shifting into the city in their future lives. Health care is a concern that everyone want to be near to. In the rural areas, there are fewer hospital and are a bit far from each other therefore people prefer town since the health care facilities including specialist are found in towns. Therefore the migration is basically faced on the availability of the some amenities and also the comfort that one wants to get. Categorically, people migrate to the cities and towns for various reasons as stated and therefore their pursuit are different as it is actually based on the economic status of the migrants. For the poor most of them move to towns in pursuit of a job opportunities in order to improve their living standards while the rich  move to the cities in pursuit of an investment opportunities and other  businesses that may father their incomes. Therefore the purposes for the inhabitation of the cities are because of various reasons and depending on the economic class, the ambitions are quite different.

Who would not want to live there?

Basically living in Los Angeles doesn’t impress many people because of different reasons majorly being because of the prevailing whether in the town. The city itself experience one of the worst weather every year therefore underrating the city since there are other cities that are better in terms of a consistency whether. On other issues, Los Angeles is just like any other city whereby there are some haters even on a single visit will comment on the city. Basically a single visit to a town doesn’t make anyone know the good and the bad of the town. For instance the cultures in towns and cities vary depending on the people living in there. Basically it is quite important to realize that Los Angeles may be different from others due the diversity in the people. Most of the people who don’t want to live in Los Angeles are either first timers in the city or they have lived in cities with consistent weather. Basically the notion among the people about the behavior of some cities is basically what makes one but they remember that people are different in the way of, living as compared to others. According to the young children, they actually net able.

To respond any the town or if even the area going out with the parents to the most trustworthy side of the city, basically there are some of the social that makes one to maybe think  that a young can trustworthy even the young have the best truck records in making some situations worst. The parents of such a child will allow him to be alone in town why? It as better teachings are taught well especially to the boy child especially when they get wrong because they make it that the young people in town quite dangerous to live therefore maybe not allowing their dangers to intermingles with dangerous people even though they do not have any facts at all against their accusations. In Los Angeles the youth are always friendly and very helpful in maintain peace and harmony as they are being branded several names that basically unworthy anyway.

The main difference between the climatic of the Los Angeles and a city like New York for example is the various difficulties that are being undergone during the winters time such that freezing sometimes causes ice fall therefore becoming very uncomfortable for a person is used to a normal weather at then New York which is fairly than the weather that is witnessed there. Some our people coming from a two season countries someone coming the Africa for have the problem of the winters time since most of such don’t happen there even in a single day, therefore the main challenge that is faced by the city the foreigners of the city who don’t the same king of weather back at their home residence before joining the city of Los Angeles.

Why would one live in Los Angeles

Being an economic and business center, the life in Los Angeles is good because that means there are no cases of unemployment. Additionally, Los Angeles has the greatest number of educational facilities such as universities. Coupled with this and the fact that the city is industrialized it means that students who go to those universities would be in a better position to secure themselves job opportunities. Additionally, the weather in Los Angeles is quite unique is it is always warm throughout the year. This is a favorable for people who do not want to struggle with seasons in America.

One of the most important things about living in Los Angeles is that the city is laden with racial diversity so that one can learn about every culture in the world. This important solely because it helps individuals develop good intercultural relationships with the people from different communities. In case of children growing up in this kind of a cosmopolitan city, they learn to interrelate without having such negative attitudes like racism. In this way, there is the possibility that there will not be any disparities in life which includes education and health.

For people who love nature, there is no better place than living in Los Angeles. The city boasts about animal parks and Zoos and therefore would create a good pastime for nature lovers. It should be noted also that the city also has good vegetation and forest cover, all which add to the beauty of nature and thus increase the attraction to life in Los Angeles for nature lovers.

Life in Los Angeles is exciting as it offers the residents with recreational facilities. There are several recreational parks in Los Angeles such as the Disneyland and Knott Berry. This creates a good environment for young families bringing up children as it offers children good recreational experiences. Additionally, Los Angeles holds a number of museums, theatres and arts exhibitions. It is therefore important to note that lovers of contemporary arts and western heritage and art galleries.

It should be noted that the quality of life in Los Angeles is very well developed and effective so much so that the life expectancy is quite high. An increase in the life expectancy is dependent on different variables which include health and income. The two are quite interrelated so that the improvement of the life expectancy suggests that the people there have a good income and are therefore able to manage their health conditions. Note that the life in Los Angeles is quite industrious and thus offers individuals with general physical fitness that keeps at bay diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Additionally, Los Angeles being an economic hub has a vast collection of revenue which is used to make infrastructures such as health facilities and other amenities, albeit Los Angeles has the best infrastructure in the United States and this makes it enjoyable to drive around and sightsee.

Reasons why one would not live in Los Angeles

Los Angeles and most noticeably southern Los Angeles have the greatest number of crimes. It is notable that most people in Los Angeles while away in hotels, do everything in hotels and mostly it is just to laze around. The city of Los Angeles harbors the laziest lot in the United States. In as much as it is fun to go sun bathing on the beach, it is not that attractive to see people going down to the beach every day as if that is their work place, this is what gives Los Angeles such a bad reputation. It is not advisable for young persons to settle in Los Angeles as they end up wasting much of their time in entertainment rather than doing other constructive things in their lives. Note that Los Angeles is the central entertainment capital in the world and therefore too much of entertainment happen. Additionally, there are wonnabe celebrities who come in the city with the aim of becoming Hollywood stars but when they fail to achieve this they end up becoming security threat to the community. This explains the high rate of school drop out in Los Angeles and increase in crime.

The cost of living in Los Angeles is too much because it is a star studded city and being an entertainment center that it is people are expected to live in fashion which costs money. For instance, when attending the shows and other entertainments events, which is always too often, an individual, is expected to dress in a certain manner, sometimes the events have a dress code which one is expected to adhere to. Although it is a fact that the city has so much opportunities for employment  like no other in the united states,  the rate of spending is too high for anybody to make sensible developments and hence the biggest number of people living in the outskirts of the city.

As the old adage goes, not all that glitters is gold, an in this case, Los Angeles is not much the heaven that people make it seem to be. It is well known that the city is a business center and thus has attracted so much industrialization that the city is nothing but smog of polluted air. A large number of people living in Los Angeles live in suburbs which are unsafe due to crime as well as due to the health hazards they pose to the people since they are littered with garbage. It is also notable that most of Angelenos who live in these areas are poverty stricken that most get their nutrition from garbage. The suggestion is that they can as well resort to crime in a bid to earn easy livelihood.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles has a problem of controlling drug abuse and addiction much like most cities in America where drugs easily get their way into. The susceptibility of Los Angeles gaining access to drugs follows the fact that it is a commercial hub for international business and therefore drugs can land here either in transit or even destined for consumption there. The effects of drug abuse in the state to anybody willing to move to LA is that it has the propensity of increasing the rate of crime and insecurity. Additionally, drug addicts can pose a threat to the quality of life for many people in Los Angeles by careless driving and such exercises. A part from any other issues the city is just beautiful in its cultural believes whereby it believes in accommodative to anyone is planning to live in there in future. as a matter of fact, the city contain several races that instrumental in making the city to be one of its on in terms of it outfit and style that someone may not find it some where else. The streets are warm such that a person is able to realize the mood of people who very happy and lovely to each other and also to foreigner. Basically foreigners find it nice living in Los Angeles since, the city is a mixture of person from different cultures as well the people who are basically not bothered with someone coming living next to them without questioning.  The uniqueness doesn’t end just end in reception but countries as the public amenities in the city are in good condition for someone to feel accommodated well by the system.

The city is basically in its own different from others in that is able to contain some of the its problems and solve some emerging issues both socially and economically amicably. The distinction in the city is that it a city that is being bisected by a mountain some that is available in any other mountain in the US. The city is also along the beach of the Pacific Ocean and as a matter of fact, the city is attractive site for tourism and other related business. Other distinct features that are available in the city include the buildings or basically the landmarks that display the city a unique city such as the Los Angeles memorial Coliseum. Some of the achievements that are basically being witnessed in the city of Los Angeles are the environmental care. Since the concerns of the effects of pollution were witnessed, the city has been on the drop in the number of industrial and other pollutants into the air. Therefore according to the environmental compliance, the city is in a record as one being among the cities that are compliant to the environmental care.

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